Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet Emily...

Lots of things going on this week... first and foremost... big news people... I have an assistant! WooHoo! Finally feeling like I can breath a little now... and she is so fabulous words can not even describe!

Meet Emily...

I know, I know... she is so cute! Not only is she precious but she's basically a genius too! Girl hooked me up with a google calendar on my phone and whatnot in about 5 seconds on the first day and it is amazzzzing!
So excited to have her help and boy did I need it! Thank you Emily!!

So just for fun here are some reasons why I love Em and know she is THE perfect match for me ;)

1. She came to learn and train with a Lily Pulitzer notebook, lol (um duh you're hired immediately! ha!)

2. We have the same be-jeweled flip flops from J.Crew that are my fave!
3. I already sold her a house previously so she knows I'm a little OCD and OOC! (good to get that out in the beginning of a relationship I think)
4. I was totally kidding when I said her title should be called "Keeper of Chaos" but she actually liked it and I am pretty sure would have used it but we thought "Administrative Assistant" sounded much more professional :)
5. Among her many other amazing talents, she tells the best stories of anyone I know!
6. There are so many other things I could rave about with Emily but lastly I will leave you with this...

The girl knows Celebs haha!
So jealy that she got to meet and cuddle with John Wall!!! LOL :) Dang her!

Well that is Emily :) I keep telling her she needs to blog it would be wonderful! Maybe one day!!
Until then... you can follow her on Twitter @Cew524 ... She's a great little tweeter :)

Next topic of discussion...

I am at the gas station, minding my own business in line... and the guy next to me says,

"I like your Mercedes, I have a white one at home just like it, just paid $64k for it (totally not possible, should have stopped listening right there ha), I keep her in the garage because I'm a mechanic and I know how much it is to fix those cars and all so don't drive her much, just drive that ole' Buick out there"...
(insert me trying to act like I was on my phone so I didn't have to talk back or look up at him... damn it didn't work, he asks me a question now...)
"What year is yours? How much did you pay for her?"
I basically am forced to look up now and this is what I see... (face anonymous, you never know ha)

Hahahaha not to be Judgy Judy but the 40 of Bud pretty much gives it away... don't think you wanted to know about my car, pretty sure you're a creeper, and don't think I will be talking to you! No Sir! lol

Sooo... Ella is on the swim team this year for the first time and last night was her first meet...
We were a little nervous...

But she did SOO awesome we were so proud of her! 1st Place in Backstroke in her age group! Go Girl!
Can't wait for her to keep getting better and better, she will be amazing!

Today I want to wish a Happy Happy Birthday to my BFF Stephanie...

Sweet 27 :) ha Love you Steph! XOXO

Ok... Carrie and Brad have done it again... I am OBSESSED with this song right now...
They haven't made an actual video yet but at least you can hear the song here.
**Pause my playlist at the bottom of the page before you click**

That's all for today!
Have a great day/night :)
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  1. Tell Emily Hi for me! She was in my sista ddd house! haha And oh little swim team..i miss those days...wait for conference It's a mad crazy 2 days of swimming, so fun! GO ELLA!

  2. Hey Dana! That's awesome you have an assistant,sometimes that's just what you need when your life gets so crazy!

    We nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out our blog for your badge :)


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