Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Slacker Here... Birthday Party Update!

Geez has it really been 12 days since I blogged?? What a slacker! I feel like I have so many things to update on it may take a few posts lol

Aside from working like crazy... I have managed to have some fun personal time lately too :)

Jake turned 4! So cute! We had his party this past weekend and it was blast. I know everyone is DYING to see the cake because my cake place is so fabulous and amazing haha... See this previous post for more awesome cakes I have ordered from them and for the contact info for Confused Confections Bakehouse!
Jake decided he wanted to have a wrestler birthday party, I had all these amazing plans for it, per my usual party planning craziness, but after working a hundred hours that week (felt like it at least), my planning was not up to its best :(  However, if I do say so myself, I think it still turned out awesome and all the kids had a BLAST!
Ok for decorations.... we went with the WWE theme colors (I know all the ladies prob aren't familair ha, I wasn't either don't feel bad)... Black, Red & Silver/Grey ... Balloons are a must of course...

I bought letter stickers at The Party Store and put on some of the balloons for "WWE" and "RAW" :)

This banner came from The Party Store also and may be my new fave thing.... they are only $26 and they print them in 20 minutes (perfect time to wait while the balloons are being blown up) and you can put anything you want on them. They have clip art, lots of fonts, and you can take a flash drive for a pic.
It was a pretty good size too! Loved it!

Next I had to get a little creative and quickly because I did this 3 hours before the party lol

I found this wrestler on a coloring book website that you can print pictures and then color them. So I printed it out and took it to Kinkos and blew it up onto a 3ft paper size and then cut them out, let the kids color them before the party and then glued Jake's head to the tops LOL and hung them around the food table and everyone loved them! Jake cracked up and now they are hanging in his room because he refuses to take them down haha!

For party favors I just did all sorts of candy, snacks, and goodies in color appropriate bags, and got the little WWE stickers from Etsy to put on them (hard to see sorry)...

These were just a fun little game that some kids did and some took home in their goodie bags... I ordered these from Etsy also and they were VERY cheap (like $10 maybe) and arrived quickly and just as I ordered
Now for the cake!! They did an awesome job as always, Jake totally freaked out, he loved it!

So cute!! Love it! It was so yummy too... Strawberry cake was the top one (Jakes fave) then regular yellow cake on the bottom layer and both were so good! Their cakes look awesome but they really do taste so good too which is hard to find!

The hit of the party... the inflatable obstacle course!
I have found the best people to rent these from (Thanks Renee!!), if you are in Lex and ever need one, you have to call them... they are so sweet, a husband and wife, they are insured and VERY reasonable on prices. We have rented several before in the past and this was by far the best one and the cheapest too. This one we will be using again without a doubt because I'm pretty sure every person at the party enjoyed it, adults and all! We raced and had so much fun... :)

Gosh I love him! He is obsessed with pop tarts... all he asks me for!

This little ditty I got at The Party Store also and I love it :) It's a Palm Tree Cooler... fill the bottom with ice and drinks... it didn't go with our theme but it just looked cute! 

 Chrissy, Me & Heather
Eric & Chrissy

Jennifer and my most fave precious little girl, Madelyn :) love her.

Kenzy and her friend, Elizabeth

Me and my brother :)

Blowing out his candles :)

Love this pic :)

And look who also made an appearance... Baby Jack! Chris's nephew. So precious!  

It was a great party!
Do I need to start a party planning company in all my free time? I mean how fun would that be?
More posts to come... lots of pics to share :)
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  1. Sooo, okay 1) happy bday jake!- I love the Bday decorations, but 2) i REALLY love your window treatments in the background. Must know who made them stat. I'm in serious need/want :)

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  3. Just found your blog and I love it! What Wray shop did you purchase the Maze game from? I would love them for my next party.


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