Friday, May 13, 2011

Toothfairy, Chumley's, Remodel & Wrestlers ha

What a slacking blogger I have been this week... work has been crazy, which is good because I LOVE that everyone is wanting to sell or buy a house right now :) And love even more that all my wonderful clients have chosen me to be their Realtor! :) Thanks everyone! I was thinking of re-capping the week with the things that stood out the most and here is what I've come up with... Enjoy!

The toothfairy came to our house on Wednesday night :) Ava lost her first tooth.... she was a little nervous but super excited afterwards because she wanted to see what "prize" she would get from the Toothfairy... $2 under your pillow just doesn't do it anymore people... The Toothfairy has to go out all with lipgloss, fingernail polish and some cash lol oh how things have changed... (sorry mom & cathi lol)

Speaking of sleeping, this seems to be why I can't get any lately...

Literally he is either all spread out, snoring, taking up the entire king size bed (when he weighs 5 lbs), or I wake up and he is sleeping on my chest, wrapped around my neck, and I am sufficating. How can I be mad though? Just look at how sweet he is ;)

So cute and cuddly! lol

Well the Chumley's are back. For those of you who don't know my BFF Chrissy (see below...)

 Her and her husband have literally put their house on the market 565 times (exaggeration a little but not much ha good thing I love them!) and then taken it back off, but this weekend there is no more "boy who cried wolf" and they are really selling their house this time! Yay for me because that means I get to show them houses, which also means I get to see this little sweet Godson face everytime....

Love him. So precious!
Their house is a great starter home, Hamburg area, VERY cute ranch... here is a sneak peek if you know anyone who is looking... nice Family Room w/ Fireplace!

Very neutral and clean! Nice Area. Perfect for a first time buyer!

Speaking of houses... I also listed a house this week that is an awesome flip house done by a friend/client of mine. It is so crazy different from before and they did such a good job I had to show off the before and after pics for everyone to see!!

Before                                                     After

Before                                                     After

Before                                                     After

Before                                                     After
Are those crazy or what? Awesome Remodel!

One last item of discussion... Jake has decided on a "whistler" which is how he says the word "wrestler" haha theme for his 4th birthday party which will be in June... I know what you are thinking if you are a girl reading this... ughhhh! LOL because that is kind of what I thought but then I had to remember that this is his birthday party and he can have whatever theme he wants, even if it is a wrestler theme and we have never even watched the first wrestle match (is that what you call them?) on TV in our lives.... he just likes the little figure wrestle guys to play with I guess ha. Do you know how hard it is to have a "wrestle theme" bday party? So far this is all I can come up with.... what do you think?
These invitations that look like tickets to a show ? haha

Personalized Water Bottle Labels, and Candy Wrappers for the guests...

Lifesize Hulk Hogan Cardboard Cutouts to sit around the party area (cheesy? thought he would like that ha)
I found this cake we can have the fabulous Confused Confections kind of work their magic and re-make!

Can be made a little cuter probably but this will do for now lol

Then I also found a wrestle ring inflatable that you can box in... the kids will all love this! Everytime we rent an inflatable they are in heaven! :)

And that's it so far... hopefully I can turn a "whistler theme" into something fun and cute, and not a total trash bash hahahahahaha

Happy Friday!
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  1. That flipped house is AMAZING! It looks awesome now!! Your dog is super cute...and I appreciate you filling me in on the tooth fairy! I had no idea, and my little cousin spends the night with me sometimes. I'd hate for her to lose a tooth and give her a big $2 when really, she's expecting an all out fingernail polish kit, haha

  2. That house flip is awesome! As you well know, most people definitely don't want to move into a house and do all that work to change it from the Mickie D's colors! Love the "whistler party" idea - so cute! The tooth fairy stuff is so cute. My mom used to do stuff like that for me: nail polish, makeup, etc. for Easter, etc.

  3. That house is totally awesome my mom had well has that wood wall thing and it's horrible I hate it she needs to take it down.

    My yorkie has an underbite too and totally takes up our king sized bed every night..

  4. hi, first time visitor here. that remodel is amazing. makes me really want to open our kitchen up like that. and of course, granite.

    also, those party invitations are great!

    nice meeting you!



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