Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long time no talk!

Geez I feel like it is has been FOREVER since I have paid attention to my little bloggy (reality is only 6 days but danggg feels like a lifetime!)... Work has kept me insanely busy!! (Not complaining, love that houses are selling and people are buying!)

This will be a bunch of randomness, apologizing now for it. I have so much stuff to cram in :)

First and foremost, a funny real estate story that unfortunately for me is a true one...
I was in desperate need of new summer wedges, like major! So I went to Aldo in the mall (first time I've been in there I guess I have been under a rock apparently but they have super cute wedges). I found a really cute pair... don't you agree?
I thought to myself, these are kinda tall, but I can handle them. I go meet BFF to show her and her husband houses, as soon as she gets out of the car, she judges them ha (thanks Chrissy) and I know she thinks they look like stripper shoes but I thought they looked summer'ish AND I had them on with skinny jeans, not a skanktified short skirt or anything. To make it even better, she doens't like them but her husband did hahaha (which means obviously they looked a little stripperish I guess). THEN I go to my next scheduled showing to another friend and her boyfriend (Ellen I hope you are reading this). I have now had these shoes on for over 9 hours and it's starting to get a little hard to walk, feet are hurting, but I am trooper and need to break them in. As soon as we walk outside to the back patio of the house (mind you it is bricked and I am going to say a little unleveled to make myself feel better), I totally bite the dust and fall flat on my face! Lovely! Does that instill confidence that your Realtor is professional? Probably not hahahaha thank goodness they laughed it off and lucky for me today he made an offer on the house!!!! Yay Kevin! :)
Moral to the story, cute shoes but... ;)
Next topic of discussion... we had a garage sale last weekend! It was insane, I got 3 hours of sleep the night before in preparation for this thing. Neighbors probably thought we were hoarders but I just had so many clothes and toys and nonsense to get rid of and I can't stand all this crap everywhere so I decided if it hadn't been touched in 4 months, it was GONE! We did pretty good, sold a pretty good amount of stuff (even though I sold things for $1 that probably cost me $50, oh well guess thats what a garage sale is all about.) The rest I am taking to consignment and then what does not sell there is going to the Southland Helping Through Him shelters I think :) I went all out with tables (thanks Carla for letting me borrow, and Chris for going to get them at midnight the night before ha!) and had everything organized by size, etc. I know my garage sale visitors loved my OCD!
Pretty neat and folded :) Helps them sell I think.
Before the garage sale I decided to go cash in all my change I had been saving in a jar for the last few months. OK people, if you have never used Coinstar at Kroger you are missing out!!!!! At first I was a little embarrased I won't lie. I thought people would judge and think "oh she's carrying a Louis but, broke and cashing in her change, what a freak" hahaha but truth of the matter was, I was kind of excited. Once I started pouring the change in there, I felt like I was at the gambling boat and on a slot machine! (Cathi you would have been in heaven lol) All my change (which Chris said would be $20-$30 ended up being...
Yep, that's right... $100. So excited! That is even after Kroger only took $9 I think for the "convenience" charge of not having to roll your coins and take them to the bank! Love it! Will totally obsess over saving more change so I can go back again! lol

Lastly, I am two weeks late on this but... the crazy biotches are BACK!

Which team are you on??

                            Team Teresa & Joe?                           OR                Team Melissa & Joe?
This one is really a toss up for me. Before this season I really liked Teresa. I felt like she had more than enough reasons to flip the table, be crazy, cuss Danielle, etc. But this year, I am just not sure about her. I think Melissa is a little provoking and has a lot to do with tearing apart the siblings...BUT I do feel that Teresa probably did ignore them when she was high flutin' with her new cookbook and reality show last year. I think I need to watch more before I can choose a team... How about you all??
Well I think that's it for this now... oh one last thing... in case you were wondering....
He's still as sweet as ever ;) <3
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  1. omg you poor thing! i can't believe you bit the dust! buuuuut, i gotta say.... those are SUPER SUPER CUTE shoes.... i personally dont think they look "stripper-ish"

    and you make me wanna try coinstar, i'm a coinstar virgin!! LOL

  2. I love Coinstar but I always get depressed when I see their convenience charge, haha :) Go you on the yard sale...I always get frustrated and never follow through!
    I think the shoes are cute. I do not think they are stripperish....but that's just me.

  3. I love those shoes! I don't think they look like a stripper at all. I'm so sorry you fell down in them. Love that y'all had a great garage sale! As far as CoinStar, several banks here in TX have coin counters that they do not charge a fee to use (if you deposit the $ to your account.) If you do use CoinStar, I think you can get a gift card for the amount and the fee is waived, but you would probably want to make sure the GC was for Walmart or something like that and not just wasteful. :) I haven't seen a new episode of RHONJ, but I love Teresa! Also, your pup is sooooo cute!


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