Sunday, May 8, 2011

Derby & Mother's Day

What a big weekend.... the Ky Derby and Mother's Day! We had a very fun time all weekend!

Yesterday we went to Louisville to Chris's parents house for a little Derby celebration with the kids and his family! I decided the kids would have a Derby race of their own and we did a little arts and crafts project! I bought some yard sticks at Lowes and printed off some horse heads and jockey silks for them to color, and then cut out and glue to the sticks to "ride" ;)

Finished Product!

 "And they're off...!"
And don't you even think for a second that Chris didn't jump in and race too! Ha So fun!

We celebrated Chris's neice, Claire's, birthday... we got her a Kaboodle filled with goodies... who remembers a Kaboodle?? hahaha love it! Haven't seen one for forever until I spotted one at Target!

She's too stinkin cute!

Before the race we all drew a horse out of a bowl to win some cash (not much, kids were involved here lol so just for fun!)... well Ava had already picked a horse the day before at school and she chose "Animal Kingdom"... then when it was her turn to draw from her Mimi's bowl, she randomly drew "Animal Kingdom" again! She was so excited! Well I'll be dang if Animal Kingdom didn't win the Derby and you would have thought she hit the lotto!

 Here she is with her winnings lol So excited!!

$10.00 :) LOL So precious! Go Ava!!!

I look ridic (had just gotten my makeup done from the Kaboodle gift, hince the purlpe eyeshadow, but thought this pic was cute anyway... thanks Lisa ha!

And we got to see Baby Jack ... cutest baby ever... Chris's sister's baby boy! Love him....

Cutest face ever! So sweet! <3

  Then today we went to church and lunch with my mom for Mother's Day... sushi @ Miyako.. yum!

I kind of wanted to steal her flower balloon it was so cute ha!

Now I will spend the rest of today with my son... :) Watching Lifetime movies and relaxing on the couch!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms, especially my Mom! XOXO

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