Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Preferred Business

For those of you living in Lexington, I have some good referrals for you! Now I know us women can do it ALL, find things that are "lost, thrown away, or misplaced" by our significant other, clean the house, do the grocery shopping, write the bills, schedule things, take care of the social calendar, do the laundry, let the dog out to pee, etc etc etc. However, there are two things that this little lady does NOT do:

1. Any yard mowing or maintenance
2. Any handy-man issues that come up around the house

Now luckily Chris does most of these things, but when I lived alone, I paid a ridiculous amount of rent to live in a nice apartment so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Those days are over. And I know lots of my girlfriends live alone or with other girlfriends... or you may be married to a very lazy, I mean busy, husband you may be in need of two VERY good referrals!

Referral Numero Uno...

A good friend and client of mine, Adam, started this company and they are a great number to have on your fridge or in your celly! They can do it all! Small or large jobs, any sort of handy-man project or task, they can handle! They are very good to work with and reasonably priced. I have used them with several of my clients and have always had a pleasant experience, as I know my clients have too. Please visit their website and store their number... you never know when you made need it! Please take it from me, don't just choose a random contractor out of the phonebook...when it comes to work around the house, if not quoted by a reliable professional, homeowners can be easily ripped a new one, if you know what I mean! Rest assured, you can trust Adam and his crew :)

Referral #2 ...

Now this is a MAJOR referral right now... because if you are like me, you hate when your grass is taller than your dog while he is trying to go pee-pee outside! And also like me, you like to see the "stripes" in your lawn when it gets mowed by a professional :)  This company is owned by a good Realtor friend of mine, Ben, and they tend to yards all over Lexington! If you are in need of a "landscape spruce up" or even just a good mowing, these are your guys! Also reasonably priced, I think you will be highly satisfied! Visit their Facebook Fan Page  and "Like" it to get more information and to contact them! Tell them RealDanaGentry sent you :)

While I'm at it, I might as well plug Chris's new Property Inspection Company as well!

Whether you are buying a home (and if you are hopefully you are using me as your Realtor lol) or whether you know someone who is in need of a property inspection... please check out his Facebook Fan Page and "Like" it... and keep it in mind if you happen to ever need a home inspection or know anyone who does! Thanks guys!!

Now just another fun fact... my "Royal Wedding...and Divorce" blog from three days ago has had 8,767 views!! Is this insane or what? I think it's because David Beckham's name is in it and people are googling him and stumbling upon my little bloggy and thinking it is going to be something special about him hahahaha! Just can not believe it every time I look at my "stats" button! Craziness.
Note to self: blog about hot soccer players more often for the hard core blog hits!

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  1. Thanks for the handyman link. I have a guy that I typically use but he is SO busy, that I have to wait way too long for him to get around to me. I'm going to look your friend up now!

  2. HI! Just wanted to let you know that you are featured on my "Pay it Forward" Post today!

  3. You're too funny-the "stripes" haha...I like them too! hahaha it's so clean "cut" looking!


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