Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My crazy week

First I should say that I am so tired right now I feel drunk, so if there are typos I apologize lol

This has been a CRAZZZYYYY week for me... since Friday, I have officially sold 5 houses, and doing a 6th one tomorrow! What a blessing! WOW! And I was just complaining a couple weeks ago that this time last year I was slammed and this year, I was getting a little worried, LOL guess I spoke too soon! Sometimes I am in awe of how things can happen so fast and things can change literally in the blink of an eye! I love it.

Yesterday I was showing houses, I am unlocking the door, my clients are behind me, they start to gasp like there is a spider on my head, I step back, look up in horror, and see this....

A BAT... yes a real life BAT, not a fake one, not a plastic one, a real life one, hanging upside down from the light fixture on the front porch, little ears pointed and all... about to fly down and give me rabies. Don't think so. I rush inside shut the door. We tour the house. Decide it's kinda cute, minus the bat, but in the end not for them. We all leave through the garage, where I professionally let me new clients (first time I have met them) go out first to the driveway, I stand inside, hit the garage button and run fast speed ahead jumping over the censor and under the moving garage door. Thank goodness these clients had a sense of humor, because there was no way in HELL I was going back near the front door and Mr. Batty himself. Baby bat or adult bat, I don't really care. Thanks, but no thanks. This goes down as one of the most dramatic house showings I have had I'm pretty sure.

Today I got pulled over. I was coming back from Nicholasville and I will admit, I was texting.... I know, I am a horrible person, I failed Oprah's pledge, I broke a promise to myself, I feel bad about it I really do! But sometimes I just can't help it! So I am texting and driving down a straight road with hardly any cars around me (if that makes you feel better ha it does me a little bit) and I look up and see blue and red lights in my rear of view mirror. Great. Just Great. I am going to jail for texting and driving. I knew I would eventually get caught. The time has come. I pull over into a skanky redneck gas station, he comes up behind me... I roll down my window, he says "Maam do you know why I pulled you over?" I'm thinking, of course I do I was texting, somehow you saw me through my tinted windows and now I am going to jail, but I calmy say "No not real sure sir??" LOL

He says, "well you sped up through a yellow light causing you to run a red light, your tags are expired (whole 'nother story) and you are not wearing a seat belt."  All I can think of is, wow he didn't see me texting haha! He then asks for my drivers license and insurance.... oh boy. Anyway that knows me knows my car is a TOTAL disaster, looks like a bomb went off, but does smell like Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle Air Freshener :) Just looks like the city dump. So I dig through my glove compartment, middle console, look in the visors, under the seat, all the normal places you would have an insurance card (LOL) and....

Another shocker... I don't have an insurance card!! I tell him I have insurance, it comes out of my account every month on the 10th, its $212.50 lol I think he believes me, but still says I need to have it in my car. He goes back to his car for what seems like a lifetime but really was about 15 minutes (what the heck takes so long? That is just ridiculous. I was late to my appointment, hence the speeding through a yellow light lol jk I really still don't think I sped through the light!?!)... then he finally comes back... smiles and says "I will give you a warning but wear your seat belt and get your tags up to date, have a nice day."

I couldn't help but roll up my window and laugh. I was sitting there the whole time thinking, this will be a $500 ticket, I will have to come to court in Jessamine County, I don't even know where the courthouse is, blah blah blah! I was so pissed before I couldn't see straight, mad at myself for waiting 4 months to get my tags renewed when Chris tells me WEEKLY to go do it, and I procrastinate, bc that's what I do, procrastinate... I hate doing stuff like that and I hate going downtown and having to park in the garage and walk in there and wait 2 hours in a line just for a stupid little sticker for my tag! Does anyone feel my pain on this?? Anyway, that was the bad part of my day, but good because I didn't get ticket! :) Thank you Lord!

This is random, but is anyone else ready for SUMMER? What is going on with this winter weather?? UGHHH! Frankie almost wouldn't go out to pee this morning because I think he was in shock of the coldness, which made me think back to how much he loves Summer, and how much of a model he really is...

This is Frankie w/ his cousin Lucy-Belle at the lake, with their "faux" Louis Vuitton life-jackets lol

And here he is on the boat with his visor in case the sun is too much for his eyes... haha Thanks Aunt Steph :) Can't wait to go with you this Summer and Frankie can't wait either!!

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Way to go girl!! Selling your 6th hosue this week, that is awesome!!!

    I hate getting pulled over, hate it hate it! But I love when they let me go with a warning haha :) Lucky girl!!!!

    I am so ready for summer too!!!!!!

  2. I work downtown and for whatever reason, those baby bats love my building. They cling to the pillars and don't move but like you, I freak out when I have to walk past them.

    You lucky dog on the ticket situation. I've tried to get out of tickets but have never been successful. I have expired tags too because I'm too lazy to walk down the street (oh, maybe 3 blocks!) to go to the County Clerk's office. Actually, I did last week and the line was wrapped around twice. Who has 2 hours to wait in line?! Next time I'm mailing them in!

  3. OMG i would have FREAKED about the bat too! Our neighbor just told us this week that bats like to hang out near the doorways under the awnings! So creepy! Love the American Gladiator move you did leaving the place, hilarious!

    And yes, SUMMER PLEASE!!! LOL... love the life jackets on the pups. too cute!

  4. Congrats on the houses! And that's pretty awesome getting out of the ticket(s)!

    I got a $450 ticket for rolling thru a stop sign last year. Yep, you read that right. $450. On my way to work. I can't tell you how many expletives came out of my mouth the second the a-hole cop walked away from my car.

  5. Sounds like a busy week! My little daisy girl has the same pink life jacket, so cute!


    Kyndra @ LMSL

  6. Way to go Ms Selling Queen! And I'm queen of organization-I'll organize your car right up! :) And those life jackets are TOO CUTE! love it! We need to have a play date soon with Stella and Frankie!


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