Sunday, May 29, 2011

Engagey Party!

On Friday night we had an engagement party to go to... one of my best friends, Stephanie, will wed her love this October on a cruise! Our friend Kelly's parents were gracious enough to host an engagement party for Stephanie and Levi and it was beautiful! Great food, people, location! We all had a blast!

Girlfriends since the ... 5th grade...? I believe?? Wow, I feel old kind of? Haha. <3 you ladies!

Kelly's parents have the most awesome outdoor area you have ever seen... you literally feel like you are at Drake's (non Lex friends, Drake's is our favorite fun place to eat and hang out!) Let me show you a little of what we enjoyed that evening...

 Is that the most amazing outdoor area you have ever seen? Obsessed. I would never go inside the house!

 Loved the flowers in the pool... perfect touch Sharon! :)

Ok if you like Cucumbers... and need to know about this! I am not a huge drinker, like maybe a beer every now and then... I am not a fan of Vodka or anything grossy like that...but this drink was UNBELIEVABLE! "Effen" Cucumber... AMAZE! Next time you are at Drakes you HAVE.TO.TRY.ONE! Not an option. They are sooo yummy!!! It is safe to say it was the hit of the night! I don't know what's in it (and I wouldn't give it away anyway Mark haha) but all I know is you need one. Soon. :)

Stephanie and Kelly, with Sharon (Kelly's mom) who was the perfect hostess!

A few more pics from the evening...

Jenna and her oh-so-cute baby bump! It's a girl! :)

Lindsey & Mason

Leah & Jed (who may have cracked me up the most that night, Jed was OOC haha)

Eric & Chrissy (cutest Godson, Connor's, mommy and daddy)

BFF :)

Mark & I (Kelly's dad, love him, great night, thanks again!)

Love my girls!

Chris & I (not sure what happened to my hair by this point, vom! ignore ha!)

By the end of the night, Chrissy was OOC, and here are two pics to prove it... ;)

And then in the car... hahahahaha she got attacked by a lint roller....
A perfect end to a perfect night!
Congrats Steph and Levi! We love you!
Can't wait for the Couple's Shower... I better get to planning ;)

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