Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinteresting Monday & Graysie

Happy Monday!! :)

It's Pinterest time...


before we get to the fabulous pins I have found lately, I have something else to share with you!

A friend of mine has just partnered into an adorable business and they have LOTS to offer and I know with Christmas right around the corner, now would be a great time to share with you!!!

Graysie Bug Boutique

Before we go any further, please go and "Like" their Facebook FanPage by clicking above...
The girls have got over 5,000 fans so they are no joke ;) Ha!

Look how cute "Graysie" is...
They have a variety of children's stuff, most of all the clothing can be monogrammed too :)

They also have some fun stuff for ladies including these awesome scarves that come in many colors...
Or these cute canvas bags that are ONLY $20!
They run weekly sales with new products all the time!
This Friday, they are offering a "Black Friday before Black Friday" sale on lots of great items! Here is the best part... if you order and mention this blog or my name, you will receive
10% OFF Your Order!! :) Yayy!
Happy Shopping! 
Ok, so the true story is my laptop is STILL broken. I am taking it to a new place tomorrow, so hopefully they can fix it finally! Since I can barely use it, I have been Pinterest crazy using the app on my phone since I haven't been able to blog or work on the computer at night! :( I have found SO many cute things and good ideas for the holidays! So exciting... Here are a few things!

I figured this is appropriate for the holidays coming up ha!

Anybody know what dandelion root is???

No, your eyes are not seeing things!
I have NO clue where you would use, or if it would be awesome or tacky haha, BUT I was amazed!

Do you remember these phones?
I was SO excited when I got one and loved it so much!! Made me feel kinda old to see this lol
We don't even have a house phone now!!

I love this polish look... may try it this week :)

I am dying over this dress! Look at the pearl cuffs! LOVE!

 Great back outdoor space!

hahahaha very true!

I think I am going to print some of these Thanksgiving printables to frame and have out around the house on Thanksgiving Day! They are free printables too!

How cute is that idea? For all my little preggo friends :)

Ok brace yourself...

I know, no words right? Can someone find these for my birthday pretty please?? Ha!

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Ok that's all I got today! I am trying to bring out more Christmas stuff this week maybe ?? If Chris doesn't kill me ha! ANNNDDD my friend Kelly and I are also in the process of throwing together a little Cookie Exchange Party :) I am SO excited! I am Pinteresting researching some cute ideas and I think it's going to be great! Once I get everything figured out I will share with you :) Have yall ever had a cookie exchange before? Any tips for moi? Thanks!

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  1. love LOVE that polish. I have been dyingto try this cute look. will also do this week. xo

  2. I remember those phones!!! I remember I was excited when I got one for my room.

  3. cute nail polish and love the dress!

  4. I love that polish and that wallpaper! Wish I could use it somewhere!!

  5. I pinned the same thing detox drink to lose 5 pounds. Let me just tell you, dandelion root tea is disgusting! I found it at Target, in the tea aisle. I couldn't drink the whole 60 ounces the first day so I just stopped. I give you a ton of credit if you can do it!! BTW, I LOVE that nail polish!!!



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