Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello Hello!

Why helllllllllooooo!

I want to start by saying I promise I am not a fair-weathered blogger... yes I have been MIA since Nov. 14th (so sad!) but as you may remember... my computer was sicky! Major! And it took her going to a new place to get healed and I FINALLY got it back yesterday and literally have been on the computer nonstop ha! You have no clue how weird it feels to not have a computer (well maybe you do but I hope not) ... I have felt like I am living under a rock!! And now I'm back! Yay!

Thanksgiving is in two days... we are having it at our house and I still have to go to the grocery and get everything ready!! This past weekend we went to Louisville to celebrate with Chris's family at his parent's house and it was so yummy!
The kids surprised me with an early bday cake, cards and present! My actual birthday is this Saturday and they won't be with us :( so we had a mini celebration (thanks babe for thinking of it!) and had my absolute favorite cake on earth.... this girl needs no fancy crazy cake like I like to buy for others... I am 110% satisfied with a Baskin Robins Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake!!! Yummmmm!!

So sweet! I was so surprised too! :)
They got me some awesome cards and a new charm for my Pandora bracelet...

The cute little present :) Perfect for a Birthday Gift! And they picked it out too ;) So thoughtful!

Happy Early Birthday to Moi ;) Love this pic!

In other unrelated news... it is safe to say I have mastered the "sock bun" and it is my new favorite way to throw up my hair when I'm in a hurry...

I have also become obsessed with boot socks...
Buns, Boots, socks for everything! LOL I found some cute and super cheap boot socks at Forever 21 and got them in 4 different colors (I think they were like $6 each maybe??)
That's the only place I have really been able to find any solid color ones!

I am sure you've been missing and wondering about my son... he is still as spoiled as ever don't you worry... this pic proves that I'm pretty sure

Such a stinker! Love his little heart!

Got my nails done and via Pinterest (still obsessed) went with this... kinda fun and cute...

It's pretty festive don't ya think?? :)

Ella & Ava have been practicing these model poses and it is so funny, I had to share this one because it makes me laugh every time I look at it... it was this past weekend outside of church.
bahahaha. Love it. Poor Jake.... no model face for him ha. Just confusion I think ha.

Now.. something I so excited for... Christmas!!!
Look at what I can't wait to shop for this weekend...

So excited to be partaking in this Christmas Blogger Swap!
I got matched up with Rachel ...

Her blog "In My Life I Love You More" is so adorable!!
Go follow her! :)

We are mailing gifts by next week to all blog about them on Monday Dec. 12th!
So fun! Can't wait to see what goodies everyone comes up with and then blogs about!
Thanks so Raven & Lindsey for putting it all together!

Lastly, with Thanksgiving approaching and my skipping Pinterest Monday this week I am sharing a couple of things I found and pinned to incorporate into Thursday's meal :)

This free printable for the table!

Love this sign... will write it on our board in the kitchen!

Going to let the kiddos all make these bracelets at the "kid table" haha thought they were cute!

I printed out these today at work along with another coloring sheet for the kid's table also :)

I LOVVEE the smell of cloves in oranges! My favorite! So I may do a few of these to set around also!

Follow Me on Pinterest HERE :)

More catching up stuff to share tomorrow....
Anybody got their menu planned yet for Thursday?
What about Black Friday Shopping? That could be an entire post in itself for me haha
Now off to catch up on everyone else's blogs I have been missin!!!

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  1. Those kids have got to be the cutest, always so stylin'!

    I love your little Yorkie! I have a 2 pound one, and she is spoiled rotten!

  2. Happy Early Birthday Girl!!

    You rock the sock bun, you must tell us how!! Looks great!!!!

    Hope yall have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  3. Oh lovin' your look...and the sock bun...toooo cuute!!

  4. Love your outfit in the sock bun picture... but most importantly, where did you find your houndstooth curtains!??

  5. LOVE your outfit but esp. your hair. I have to request a video tutorial...from you, a real person who just recently learned this technique. I canNOT for the life of me get all of my hair "in" the sock/donut thingy to roll it down. Pieces stick out all over, I get frustrated, and give up. HELP, haha. Also, love your bedroom decor, what I can see anyway :)


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