Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinterest Monday Link Up & Pretty Little Liars Special Surprise!

Hello Monday!
It is winter outside and I am not happy about it :(
Ok let's dive right in shall we? 
I've made a mistake ha. 

 I made an error in my previous post about the PLL Halloween Special that aired last Tuesday ... that didn't mean the season was actually starting back :( sigh!!! It was just the Halloween Special. 
I am so sorry for all of you who's hopes I got up! 
I was just as upset as you ha, I was SO ready for it to be back every Tuesday!

The REAL 3rd season won't start until January 8, 2013 to be exact ;)
I am now counting down the days let me tell you!

How crazy was that Halloween episode??
I mean I literally screamed outloud twice and Chris was making so much fun of me and my "Nancy Drew" show, which is what he calls it haha.
(However, somehow he always ends up watching it with me and then will ask me a question from a part he didn't understand ha!) Love it! 

Soooo.... to make up for my mishap on the season start date ... I am giving you a gift!
That's right!
It's a good one too... straight from the BIGGEST PLL fan that I think exists ... my friend, and PLL expert,
Lexy Morgan --- click to follow on Pinterest, it's amaze!

For some secret inside scoop on the upcoming season!
Straight from the mouth of the show's executive producer! 

Ok now for some Pinterest.... :) 
I have decided to start linking up to my Pinterest Mondays!! I'm super excited about this ... if you want to follow the categories I do then that's awesome, if not and you want to do your own thing, then that's awesome too!! 

Grab the Button At the End Below... 
This is my first time doing this, I am not an HTML expert so hopefully it will work, it took me 30 min to figure out how to put text in a scrolling box haha :( 

Pinterest Time!
First, a little inspirationals and LOL's that are my faves lately... 


I have thought this several times, how many boyfriends has she had? Geez. Ha. 


Very true. 

TOTALLY agree with this ... I have taken wayyy too many classes on sales and goal planning to know if you don't write them down, they are hopeless. Write down  your goals!! Then watch them be obtained!

I love this ... so true... we all need to check our bad attitudes sometimes.

Just love this one period ha. 

Love this one too. 

Great motivation to be a strong woman! 

This is a great one too! I need to put this on my bathroom mirror ha! 

My favorite :) 

Ok now for a few Halloween things  ... 

I'm doing this tomorrow .... if it's cute I will post ha! 

Put one of these is Jake's lunch a few days ago ... so simple ... would be great if any kids have class parties on Halloween!! :) 

Really want to do this tomorrow too ... spiders in ice cube tray ... fill with water ... freeze and let the spiders melt into your drink!! So fun! 

Ok this is serious .... 
Has anyone seen this on Pinterest?? 

You send in a picture of your dog and then they send you a stuffed animal that looks just like him! 
I am really wanting to try this haha ... I already told Chris this might be what I want for my birthday hahaha. 
But seriously, that looks pretty real to me ... ? 
What do you think? 

That's all for today :) 
Grab the button and link up! 
Can't wait to see everyone else's Pinterest loves! 


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  1. You are so cute, those e-cards are so funny!

  2. I'm so buying the print that says never let anyone dull your sparkle. I love that! And not gonna lie, I totally printed off how to have a lovely day. Definitely hanging that somewhere so I will see it daily!

    I missed PLL. Grrrrr. Was it amazing?

  3. is it wrong for me to want to have a stuffed animal look-alike of both of my dogs!! that is the cutest idea ever.

  4. I love that one about Taylor Swift! Ha! And the stuffed animal puppy thing is so cool! Checking it out right now!

  5. I love the stuffed animal look-alikes! And I'm loving all of these quotes!

    P.S. I'm hosting two fabulous giveaways, both ending at midnight! Make sure you stop by and check them out if you get a chance! Happy Halloween!

  6. So sad I missed PLL..cannot wait for it to come back!

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