Sunday, October 14, 2012

Extreme Home Makeover Project

This past week has been a blur for me ... I don't think I sat down for one second all week lol

Ella and Ava's birthday were this week and Chris and I decided instead of buying them a bunch of junk that would get thrown in a closet and they might play with once, we were going to have a total birthday surprise reveal and transform their bedroom into a "big girl" room :)

Their old room was cute, don't get me wrong, but what they picked out 3 years ago and it was very PINK and kind of "little girlish" ... turning 10 and 8 yrs old ... I thought perhaps they might want a "cooler" room ;)

Once day we had just kind of nonchalantly asked them if they could have a dream room what would they want in it?

Ella: "Vintage random stuff hanging on the wall, like quotes, a fork & spoon (random I know, she's so creative!), my favorite poems on the wall, and like a fun desk that I could do homework at!"

Ava: "Ummm a cozy place that would be a reading area with a soft owl that we saw last time we were in Pier 1, and something purple for my bed, and a desk w/ a computer."

They were with us last weekend so we obviously could do no work on the bedroom until Monday when they left for school .. then they came back on Wednesday so we basically had two days (inbetween us both working nonstop) to get the room cleaned out, painted and redone ...

 I totally felt like Ty Pennington lol if I only had a megaphone and a crew of 100 people to help!

Here are the pics ... it turned out pretty darn cute! 
Still a few things need to be done ... I have monogrammed throw pillows coming for their beds ... window treatment being made, new light fixture needs to be installed, and some fabric to hang over their closet because we removed the doors... little things like that ... :) But all in all it got pretty much complete! 

 Bedding is all from Pottery Barn Teen, except the white down comforters which are from Tarjay!

Ava was obsessed with those musical notes w/ the bling on them haha she said that was her favorite part of the room! 

Still have to stick a cute pic in that frame at the top middle of the room ... but I loved that little sign that reads "It's only funny if it happens to my sister" ... hahaha so true. The two hanging frames w/ the bows have Ella's favorite poems that I typed up and put in there for her ;)  One of their presents was that black ipod dock station on the table so they can listen to their ipod music and blast out the house ha! 

I wanted to get a rolling smaller desk so that if we needed to take it out for a slumber party or something we could do that easily. Cute chair made the whole desk, from Pottery Barn Teen. 

This is their little cozy reading nook! Which Frankie thinks is his new home! He wouldn't come out ha! He was obsessed! The big floor pillow is actually a coushion for a papazon chair from Pier 1. Then I just threw in cozy pillows, a blanket .. and Ava's owl she wanted lol. The sheer canopy thingy was like $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond .. but makes the whole thing so much more cozy!! 

The birthday girl, reading a book in her new fun room! <3 

So glad they liked it! 

Chris video recorded the reveal but I haven't uploaded it to my computer yet .. I will have to try because it is worth sharing hahaha they were SO surprised! It was super cute!! 

I have been doing other small things around the house... maybe I will do a house post this week sometime! 

Happy Sunday! 
I'm off to open houses all day :)

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  1. WOW! The girls' room looks *amazing*! I love rooms that are for kids, but don't look too "kiddish".

    The fork and spoon thing was so creative. Also, I LOVE the reading area.

  2. OMG! The room turned out great, now you need to come and do mine. I like the part where it says what "you asked them", they sounded like they were almost in high school with the answers, Ella's remind something that me and my pals would have said in 8th grade or so. I see why the Frankie could see it was for him, it almost looks like a fancy dog bed/area( one that could cost a lot of money.They got one great birthday present.

  3. Wow!!! Will you come makeover my bedroom?? I looooove Pottery Barn Teen!!

  4. Stopping by from Ravens blog! I LOVE what you did with the room. So freaking adorable!!! Love the color choices too!

  5. What a beautiful room! You did just a great job. It's definitely much more grown up!

    Love your blog! Newest follower!

  6. Oh my gosh! How adorable! Great job!



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  8. I was pinterest browsing for reading nooks and came across your post. We have the same owl and the same name! If you're middle name is Michelle that would just be too weird. Love you space and a papasan cushion is genius!


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