Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brace Yourself ... My New Love...

Good Morning Fellow Blogger Lovies!!

This blog is meant for two people ... 

1. Those who love planners

2. Those who love cute things 

I am pretty sure almost everyone (except for the occasional stalker, ha) who is reading this, falls into one or both of those categories ... sooo ... brace yourself for my new obsession! 

I waited 7 DAYS for this box to show up at my front door.
7 LONG days! 

Chris was about to kill me ... every time he was home and I was not, I would call and ask him to go check the mailbox, check the front door, check behind the flower pots in case the UPS man got crazy and hid it .. check and see if you see a note left on the door that might have blown into the shrubs, haha ... I was like a kid on Christmas Eve...  until she finally got here ... ;)

Check out my NEW planner!!
How cute is that?

For those of you who have already jumped on the Erin Condren band-wagon, you know how amazing this is. But for those of you who hadn't, like moi, you will appreciate it (your bank account might now however ha, yes it was $68, which is why it took me almost a year to convince myself to order one, but it was worth every penny!!! Trust me!!) 

There are set styles and designs for the front and back covers, or you can choose the one I did where you can upload your own photos and make your own personalized one! 

The little stickers on the right, you can upload each pic of the special people in your life ;) and then it will print their face on these little round stickers to put on their birthdays, etc! Lovvvve it!! 

It is a great quality. So nice and thick. The pages are wonderful ... plenty of space to write in .... 

You also get cute little extra stickers in the back too! 

And then in the back .. there is a little clear pouch thingy for your cards, or notes, or whatnot and she even sends cute little sample personalized cards in there for free!

I can not express how much I love this thing! 
I carry it everywhere! :) 

I am still using my phone also, so keeping up with two things can be a little exhausting, however I still like to have the feel of writing something down, and writing it in the cutest planner on the planet, makes it so much more fun! Haha!

These would be a great gift too .. I can already think of a few people I know that would love one for Christmas!

Happy Planning Ladies! ;) 

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  1. I love my Erin Condren planner! I ordered a Lilly one for next year, thinking I might like it better.. We'll see! Enjoy it!

  2. Seriously, I would like to get one of those planners, yours sold it for me. I need to wait until I have more in my life to get one though. I love your stickers.
    xxx Erica

  3. I love my EC planner. I'm still trying to get myself into the habit of writing everything down though. I was solid paper planner for the longest time and once I finally started using my iPhone calendar, I basically went cold turkey on the paper. But I often fear an electronic failure and then I'd have no clue where to be and when to be there, ha! :P Basically if it doesn't get written down/put in the planner...its like I don't know its happening, ha

  4. I ordered my new planner and can't wait for it to arrive. I am trying to be very patient!! They are the best planners ever:)

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