Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little bit of everything...

My poor blog is getting so neglected lately!! :( Makes me sad! I am just slammed with work and haven't even had time to catch up on anyone else's blogs either! Tonight I am getting with the program! This blog will be full of randoms... so bare with me lol ...

First order of business... my cousin Anna's baby shower pics... I never got to really share them and have been wanting to because it was adorable! Her friends in Knoxville did an awesome job!!

We clearly know that a shower is not a shower without some cute monogrammed loot ha!
My girl Jandyce did an amazing job per her usual :) She's awesome!

Don't you love the name "Graham" ?? I am obsessed with it!

My favorite is the Ladies Man burp cloth ... adorable!

We played a funny game that I thought was such a cute idea! The hostess had purchased a variety of baby related products from WalMart and then when she held each item up, we had to write down the price of what we thought it cost... then at the end we added up and whoever was closest to the real price won a prize and the "mom to be" got to keep all the goodies!
The Price is Right...

How cute is she?

My brother, Anna and Me ... little family photo op ha

I had SUCH a great time in Knoxville! Thanks ladies for a wonderful day!
Anna, I can't wait to meet sweet Graham and hold him!!!!!!!! XOXO

Next... have yall seen these???

New at Staples... the Martha Stewart office supply line... my life is now complete!
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, those are indeed chalkboard labels you can stick on something to then label it with chalk, and reuse!!

So I decided to use them on all my filing cabinets in my office :) (Duh!)

I am OBSESSED with them! I have been walking around the house thinking of places to use them ha
Yes, that is kinda sad, I am aware. ;)

My mom's birthday was last week!! We finally were all able to get together for dinner...

It was a fun night! Was happy to spend time with everything and hang out for her birthday!! <3

For you Lexington peeps... I have listed a SUPER cute condo... great location... very convenient to UK campus in a gated community w/ a pool for Summer! Take a look at a couple of these cute pics..

(This condo may or may not belong to this beautiful lady who needs to get her blogging butt back in gear too, haha! XO)

SUPER ADORABLE 2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Condo, don't you think???
That is just a sneak peak.. if you happen to know someone who might be interested ... send them this link and they can view the full listing! :) Perfect location, and rates are still super low! You can own this cheaper than you could rent in most cases!

You will die on this...

I am LOVING my Initial Laptop Decal that Angela over at The Manic Moose sent me!!
It is literally so cute!

Sorry the picture is really crappy but you can get the gist... pretty fancy huh? :) I love it!

Hop (it's almost Easter so I felt that the appropriate verb lol) on over to The Manic Moose and order yourself one! They are super cheap and look really good on your laptops, iPads, etc etc. She is also the one who has all the photo booth props and the mustaches I ordered for the kid's Valentine's Day card... lots of fun goodies at her Etsy store!
That would be a great gift for somene's Easter basket too :)

Gosh I know I have more to catch you up on... but for now I think that is it!

I am Spring cleaning our house, like MAJOR cleaning.. as in cabinets, closets, bathroom vanities, everything! I have already filled 6 large Rubbermaid's with stuff for a yard sale as soon as the weather gets pretty again! I think it got to a point where I was having anxiety that the house always looks clean (because I have OCD, poor Chris ha) but then as soon as I opened a closet, or cabinet, stuff would just fall out!!! Absolutely ridiculous. We have too much stuff I guess. So no more is coming in this house until crap goes out ha. I have gotten some shelves, and organizing bins and am getting it under control!

 I may even do before and after pictures so Chris and I, you can really see the progress haha.

Have you started your Spring cleaning? Any tips??

Have a great week!!

PS. My Sunday night now consists of ... in no particular order ha ...
Army Wives (started back new tonight! So excited!)
 Desperate Housewives (Orson is up to something!?)
The Good Wife (mine & Chris's favorite show)
Real HW of ATL (drama, drama & more drama!)
Khloe and Lamar (love them!)
annndddd Watch What Happen Live w/ Andy :)

My DVR is in FULL effect tonight!

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  1. love those chalkboard labels!!! so cute! Gotta get me some. And your Sunday line up looks very similar to mine!

  2. It is about time you got your blonde hind end back in gear with blogging! haha. Just a few things:
    Your mom looks like she could pass as your sister, DEAR. LORD. Good. GENES haha
    I want that condo!!!!! Or you to come decorate for me!! haha I LOVE ALL of that!! It looks so so cozy! AND I want a monogrammed sticker for my IPHONE 4!! Thank you for posting this!!

  3. Ah! I kinda wish I lived in Lexington so you could sell me that condo! Love it!
    I might have to make a quick trip to OfficeMax to get those cute chalkboard labels too - amaze. :)

  4. LOVE the chalkboard stickers! My office just might need a few of those, too!


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