Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Bracket & Randoms

Today I took a day off (kinda) and watched basketball, was lazy with Chris and Frankie, and ate so many SweetTart Jelly Beans I literally could vom right now
(and I'm supposed to be on a diet since the pool will be here before we know it!)

However, it was a fun, much needed, relaxing day...

Somebody was so lazy today he barely got out of bed!! :)

Speaking of basketball... I wanted to post my bracket before the games started so everyone would know I didn't cheat (because, knock on wood, my bracket is usually pretty good!) ... but that didn't happen. So you'll just have to take my word for it ;)

Before we get to that... I feel like everyone should take a moment and read
from last year on my Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Coach Cal :)
It's pretty good!

With that said... here is a horrible pic of my bracket... (sorry!)

Because it's so bad and you can't see, I'll go ahead and tell yall, the CATS are going all the way!!!
I can feel it!

And yes I highlight when a team wins, ha, OCD much? Yes, that's me. I love bracket time!
Last year I won some $ from the office pool ... this year I just want bragging rights that my bracket will be higher than Chris's on  :)

Congrats Wildcats on your win today! Can't wait to cheer them on on Saturday at the YUM Center!

Ok... I've been obsessed with the side pony braid....

It is the easiest, quick thing to do to my hair right now. How do you feel about it?

With this awesome weather we have been experiencing, along with the fact that we are going to NYC in a few weeks and then it will be Keeneland and THEN Easter (my favorite holiday) right after that... I have been trying my hardest to do minimal Spring shopping (since we are going to NYC and I am sure I will want to bring the house down there with shopping!)... but I have done the annual Spring Lilly run thru and here are a few things I'm obsessed with and ordered/ordering :)

The Elsa Top ... LoVe!

The Ellie Top ... love all the different colors this comes in!

The Belle Top Solid ... so cute! Comes in pink too.
OBSESSED with these wedges!!! So freaking cute!

Lastly... someone sent me an email today with a little thing I wanted to share:

Always Say A Prayer

You can say this quick, little (but powerful) prayer over your own home, your own family, or pass along to someone you know who might need some healing. I thought it was sweet to share and you just never know who may be in need of it :) XO

"God, our Father, If it is your will, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and please watch over and heal my family in Jesus name, Amen."

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  1. I highlight the winners and cross out the losers :).

  2. I love those wedges! and your puppy is adorable (I especially like his blinged out collar!)


  3. Love those wedges!! Frankie too!! NYC sounds like so so much fun!! I love that necklace your wearing, where is it from?

  4. sweet tart jelly beans!!! SO GOOD!! serious addiction!

    could your side braid be any cuter? I mean mine just looks skanky!

    So very glad you started your of my favorite reads.


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