Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary to ME!

I can NOT believe I almost forgot to blog about this...
Monday marked the 1 YEAR Anniversary of my bloggy!!
I can not believe it has been a year since I started this whole thing... I feel like there are positives and negatives to it ... and I thought it might be appropriate to share some of them today ha.
But first... my facebook status update on Monday was as follows:

LOL ... ok two things about that...
#1 So thankful little miss PLL helped me get started and got me all set up :) I haven't changed one thing about my blog because she made it just as I wanted! Which also leads me to remember when we met for dinner and wine to discuss le bloggy for the first time... and I believe we got so darn excited about it that we walked right out and didn't pay for the drinks! Hahaha do you remember that Allison? I remember calling you from the car... ummm... did we pay for that wine? I think not. Ha.
Ok #2 -- How sweet was Chris's comment... :) Aw. He has to put up with my crazy picture taking for the blog, for my crazy outfit pics I force him to take of me 40 times until I like the pic lol ... and my computer screen all bright in his face at night when he is trying to sleep, while I'm not tired at all and blogging away :)
Even though he is pretty wonderful.... don't let him totally fool you...
Take a look at this little ditty later that same day ...
Yea... not so Mr.Nice Guy .. hahahahah jk!
But isn't that mean he won't build Frankie a summer "playhouse" ??
Raise your hand if you agree Frankie needs this...
Clearly Frankie's would have a nice fabric covered bed to lay on in there.. and maybe some pillows and blankets on his balcony at the top ;) How cute is that?
Ok back on track...
Maybe you'll agree, maybe you'll disagree.... but here are my 1 yr blogging pro's & con's:
  •  Sometimes I find it hard to think of things to blog about, and when I look at fellow bloggers who blog literally almost every day and never have a boring post (like Katie over at KC&CO, love her!) haha I get a little bit jelly of how much they have to talk about! :)
  • I sometimes feel like the time I spend blogging, I could be cleaning, or working or reading a book or taking Frankie on a walk, or cuddling with Chris .... and feel a little guilty for spending so much time on it.
  • I got a HORRRIBBBLEEE virus on my computer trying to find pics to blog about the damn Kim Kardashian wedding/divorce hahaha. 3, almost 4 weeks later, and several hundred dollars spent on more crazy celeb googling here.. lesson learned there friends.
  • I know there are crazy people from my past (ex's especially) who secretively read my blog and it makes me kind of freak out because I feel like I don't want them knowing anything I do or looking at my pics or even uttering my name hahaha... does anyone else feel like this? But what do ya do? It is what it is I guess. If they have time enough to stalk read my blog, then I guess that's their issue not mine.

  • I could go on and on and on about all the fun reasons I love to blog! #1 reason it is just a big stress relief for me and something fun for me to do to get my mind off work, and daily tasks ha.
  • I enjoy so much reading and following everyone else's blogs and linking up to others and helping my blog and other blogs grow and become more popular!
  • It is a great way to keep my friends and family and Chris's family up to speed with fun things we do, funny little tid bits about Ella, Ava & Jake and just a way to keep in touch when we don't see each other every day!
  • I hope to one day, very soon, be able to make a little cash money from this little bitty ha. I am in the works of advertising now and going to get some local places to sponsor ads also... just need to find the time to work on this more!
  •  Mostly, this blog makes me HAPPY! I love meeting new people, having new friends in the blog world, and just chatting up about randomness, from the Bachelor to fashion to all our furbabies we adore! Love it!!
My goal for this year is to get some sponsorships, grow my followers (which what is the deal with this? If you are reading, you should be following! ha!), and also do more linking up and guest posting! So with that said, if you would like to link up, do a guest post, trade buttons, etc. please message me! I am happy to do so! :)

Thanks so much to all my friends and blogging friends who are followers and to everyone who reads from Facebook... everyone who comments, emails, etc. I am so happy I did this! I can't wait to turn it into one of those binded books also... that is another goal for this year... I want to get my blog over the last year binded into lots of volumes and display on a shelf in the house! Brit over at Dave an Brit Plus One More has done this with her blogs... turned them into the binded books... and it was so cute! I need to get the company one more time from her... Brit if you are reading this please comment with it haha! Thanks lady! :)  
Sorry for the long post... just wanted to share all of this on this little anniversary of mine ha.
Happy Hump Day!
Tomorrow will be sharing my bracket picks for those of you who are on the up and up with basketball. Can't wait to watch my Wildcats bring it home!!!! #BBN
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  1. I love love your blog! I am a follower! I love hearing about all the fun things you do and your little Frankie! I have so much respect for you as well as to how much you love your boyfriends kids. Makes my heart happy to see people like you!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am a new follower.

  3. Aww congrats girly!!! That's a big milestone in this here blog world of ours!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!
    I absolutely love reading your blog everyday! It keeps me sane through my long work days! It's so adorable but its also so real. It's a nice relief! Thanks for blogging and I can't wait to continue following and see what is coming up in the next years!


  5. Happy Anniversary!!

    "hell no"... how funny is Chris!? Hilarious!! Reminds me of my bf... exactly what he would say!

  6. HAPPY ONE YEAR! You are seriously my FAVORITE blogger, and give me so much inspiration--just in life in general :)

  7. Happy ONE year! I've read your blog from the beginning and have loved every post!

    And i defintely think Chris should build Frankie the dog house!

  8. Happy Happy 1 year doll!!!! Since I never ever get to see you, this is my fav way to catch up! PS- tell Chris to man-up & build Mr. Frankie that adorable house. Hmm. maybe I should get Kev to build one for the cats. Just kidding :)... Kinda :)


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