Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Random

This weekend has flown by! It was beautiful weather here and I am so thankful for that! I am bound and determined to not get the "winter blues" this year, lol, and this 55 degree sunshine in January is really helping me! :)

I had an AWESOME Open House Today.. One of the BEST ever!

39 people that I counted came out to see this house today! WOW!
If you live in Lex and know anyone looking for a finished basement, in the Hartland neighborhood or area, that has been updated, please tell them about this house! It's a great deal!!

(Click on pic to take you to the MLS link, listed with Dana Gentry @ RE/MAX Creative Realty)

Next on the agenda... my OOTD ... which consists of my absolute favorite shirt right now...

Shirt from JCrew (click here to view) it's a faded denim, half button. SO comfy!
Black legging/pants are from JCrew (last year)
Black Koolaburra Fringe Boots (last year but they still have them I think) my FAVE boots!

I finally got to do a mini present time with my Godson Connor this weekend!
He is SO big!

Look at that face hahaha so cute, with a little meanness in him too! <3

I am missing this little thing sooooooooo much...
Makes me sad to even look at that pic! He is STILL not home :( Hopefully tomorrow will be the day!

I did find this at TJ Maxx that I thought about getting for Chris to wear when Frankie comes home since he will still be sore and a little sicky...

Wouldn't that be hilarious? I would pay a good amount of money to see Chris wear this with Frankie!
You would do it for me and Frank right babe??  ;)

Tonight is some GOOD TV ... let me remind you...

- Desperate Housewives is BACK!            
- The Good Wife (my very favorite show!)
- Real Housewives of Atlanta                     
                                              - Chef Roble (I have recently gotten into this but it's good, I like him!)
- Bravo Andy                                                
                                            - Kourtney & Kim Take Miami (double new episodes back to to back)

Joel Osteen and his wife are on Oprah's show on OWN tonight at 9pm and I LOVE him...

Lastly, my beautiful friend, Emily, is preggo!

And I am helping plan her baby shower which is in February.. I am in charge of the cake (duh!) and her theme is a "Sip & See" Tea Baby Shower... so cute!

What do ya'll think about these cake pops... ? (I am obsessed with Cake Pops!)

Maybe Cake Pops for Party Favors when the guests leave, with a cute little "Thank You" from the Mommy & Daddy attached!

Then here is a combo of the cakes I have chosen so far... will probably take bits and pieces from them all and combine to make something fabulous!

I am SOO excited for Emily's shower! Can't wait to celebrate her new "Mommy to Be" status!

The shower is going to be celeb style, let me just tell you!
Emily knows how to throw a party (clearly we were always meant to be friends!) and her awesome mom is having it catered and everything!

There may or may not even be a little makeup session being done prior with the mommy to be and the hostesses (is that a word?) and some fake eyelash action going on! Haha! That is how we do it ;)

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Come back tomorrow for some Pinterest!! :)

And hopefully my baby will be home tomorrow too! I feel like I need to get him something new ha, everyone needs a "feel better" present when they're sick... don't you agree??

Look what I've been working on this weekend too...

I am going to try a blog sale! :)
Now I just have to start cleaning out my closet!!! Wish me luck!!

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  1. Your blog is just great, It is inspiring me to get mine going! Best wishes to your lil Frankie and a speedy recovery!

  2. Love the denim shirt! I have one where the sleeves roll up {Same color and material} and I call that my "flight go-to outfit" because it's fun to fly/travel in! Love Joel Osteen! Now when is this Closet Sale!??

  3. I know I've told you this before (when you did OOTD) but I love your houndstooth curtains! Your godson is adorable...and I'll be waiting with baited breath for your blog sale ;) I hope your baby gets to come home today!!!

  4. I love that outfit! I think I just might have to swing by J Crew tonight to pick up that top!


  5. if i had a hubby and or was in a relationship id hop all over that house <3 lol misssssss u

  6. I am your newest follower. I've been reading for a while and decided to finally make a blog myself. A lot of the reason because of this blog sale coming up!! I hope Frankie is doing better!


  7. Yeah for the blog sale!!!!! Can't wait!!!!

  8. hey love. so happy the open house went awesome. thanks for another wonderful post, love. xo

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