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Hi there!

Ok friends... this has taken some serious time!

I thought cleaning out my closet and getting rid of some things would be an easy task... WRONG! I found myself not wanting to get rid of a single thing! haha. I didn't think I liked stuff anymore until I began pulling it out! BUT ... I am reallllly bad about buying something, wearing it once or twice and then never wearing it again! Even though I love it and it's cute, I just don't wear it...bad habit.
Other things, (like my fave black leggings and jeans I will literally wear for a week straight ha!)

I feel like I have to disclose that I am horrible photographer when it comes to clothes!! These pics don't do justice :( This stuff is much cuter in real life!

I am setting up paypal right now... so if you see something you want, then just email me with the words BLOG SALE in the subject if you wouldn't mind... and let me know what you would like :) Then I can send you an invoice from PayPal!

Shipping will more than likely be between $4-$7 depending on if you buy more than one thing :) I will combine shipping on multiple items.

So here we go... this is what I have so far... Happy Shopping :)
PS. Please feel free to foward to your friends or mention my sale in your post! I appreciate it ladies!! 

Item #1 - SOLD!!
J.Crew Sequin Top - 3/4 length sleeve, Size XS
Worn only two times, super cute and fun! Sold out really quickly online! Not available on Ebay.

Item #2
K Dash by Kardashians & QVC Cotton/Spandex Tunic, Size XS
This is not the Sears clothing (no offense of course) haha, was a special collection on QVC.
Blue, 3/4 length sleeve, SUPER SOFT and comfy, but never actually worn, ordered and was too big even thought it is an XS, must run a little bigger, more like if you wear a Small!!
Tan leather like piping around neck & down back. Seriously super cute! Wish it fit :(

Item #3
K Dash by Kardashians & QVC Flowing Tank w/ Wrinkle Pocket
Size XS
This is not the Sears clothing ladies, haha, was a special collection on QVC.
Same deal, size XS but doesn't fit. Super comfy and cute. Front of tank in silk-like and back is cotton. Very cute on. Nice material. Never worn.

Item #4
JCrew Zipper Neck Cashmere Wool Blend Grey Sweater Size XS
Very comfortable, worn only 2-3 times. Also have this in Olive Green too (not my color!) Reg. $118

Item #5 (above)
JCrew Zipper Neck Cashmere Wool Blend Green Sweater Size XS
Worn only one time! This color looks yuck on me :( More of an olive green. Reg. $118
(**Special, Buy both sweaters for $50!**)

Item #6
JCrew Black/Grey Button Shoulder Sweater Size XS
Cute Sweater, worn only 2-3 times. Also have this in a blue too (see below!) Reg. $98

Item #7 (above) - SOLD!!
JCrew Blue Button Shoulder Sweater Size XS
Cute Sweater, worn only 2-3 times. Looks cute with collared shirt underneath or just a tee. Reg. $98
(**Special, Buy both sweaters for $40!**)

Item #8
White House Black Market Winter White & Black Sweater/Jacket
Size XS
Obsessed with this! Total Chanel Look-Alike! Very Comfy, Sweater material w/ Black Sparkly Accents and Silver Buttons! Only worn twice. Looks great w/ Black leggings & black pumps! Reg. $168

Item #9 - SOLD!!
JCrew Pink Bow Pencil Skirt - Size 0
LOVE this skirt, got compliments everytime I wore it! The bow is so cute! Has pockets in front also. I always wore it with a white or black vneck tee tucked in to see bow and pumps :) Reg. $138

Item #10
Rachel Zoe Chunky Hooded Sweater from QVC - Size XS
LOVE this sweater! Very cozy, warm, love the hood and the deep pockets! Tan color. Sold out FAST! Special Rachel Zoe product on QVC only. Reg. $120

Item #11 - SOLD!!
Tori Burch Floral 100% Silk Dress Size 2
This dress is really classic and pretty. 100% silk, 3/4 length sleeves, very comfortable, zips up back. Looks great with black tights and pumps or boots! Reg. over $300. 

Item #12
JCrew Olive Green w/ Silver Trim & Pocket Tee Size XS
Scoop Neck (I discovered scoop necks don't look good on me!) Tee. Love the silver Neckline and Pocket Trim! So chic! Very soft. Only worn once. Reg. $36

Item #12
JCrew 3/4 length Sleeve Tee - Size XS
Burnt Orange, Scoop Neck Tee, with silk florals on the front. Looks cute under a blazer or cardigan... (again, I don't do scoop necks anymore haha) Reg. $39

Item #13
Free People Strapless Summer Dress - Size 4 (runs like a 2)
LOVE this dress. Such a cute Summer dress to wear to a cookout, birthday party, work, whatever! Very comfortable, must wear a strapless bra, top part is too loose to go bra-less ladies! Love the red tie back bow also, very slimming!

Item #14 - SOLD!!
JCrew Navy Sequin Striped Nautical Top - Size XS
Semi Boat Neck, 3/4 length sleeves, cream w/ navy stripes, front has clear sequin on stripes for a little something extra! Wore this in Florida w/ navy shorts, so cute! Also wore w/ jean capris and Sperry's for a casual look. Reg. around $79

Item #15
Theme Cotton Dress - Size Small
This is very comfortable. Bought at World's Apart. Buttons at the top, ties around waste on side, very slimming. Wore with brown tall boots and no tights, and also with black tights once and black boots. Very soft fabric and comfy sleeves! Can not remember regular price? :(

Item #16
Ann Taylor Red Leopard Cardigan - Size XS
Wore with black pants and a black tank underneath. Very soft fabric. Only wore once. Reg. $69

Item #17 - SOLD!!
JCrew ZIP Around Sweater - Size Small
Cashmere Blend Sweater, Zipper goes from bottom all the way around the neck. Two pockets in front. More of a fitted sweater. Hard color to describe, more of a dark purplish, pinkish, on the brown side ? Ha idk. It's cute though.!Reg. Approx $80

Item #18
White House Black Market Skirt - Size 0
White w/ Black Stripes, Cotton but has more a tweed like material feel. Very cute on w/ black pumps or sandals and a black tee or tank!

Item #19
Michael Kors Brown Cotton Dress - Size XS
This is seriously comfortable and can be dressed up or casual. I have worn with wedges or with gold flip flops, at the beach to dinner and even to a summer wedding! Very versatile. Really love this dress and it is flowy too so good for a "fat day" (you know what I'm talking about ha!) Reg. $100

OK ... I think that is it for now!

I do have some more accessories etc that I want to try to sale too, but we will see how this round of clothing goes first! :) I also have some jeans I need to get rid of too, but I am obsessed with jeans so that could be one blog sale in itself LOL ... ;)

Ok ladies... ready, set, shop! :)
Thanks for following! And buying!

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  1. Cute clothes! I saw on a post that you like Monogram things, I just wanted to let you know I am having a give away of a fleece embroidered monogrammed or 3 lines embroidered. For more information and a look at the work check out my page.

  2. You are so tiny! I obvs can't wear your teeny clothes, but would love to see your accessories!

  3. Man, I LOVE the WHBM skirt, but it's too small. :( Cute clothes though; just wish you were a little closer to my size! :)

  4. accessories usually sell better :) but you should let me look before u post lol <3

  5. I just started following your blog so I'm reading all of your posts just saw this one wondering if any of these items are still for sale and will you sho to Canada?


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