Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest!! & Randoms! :)

Before I share my fave Pinterest picks of the week, I have several things from the weekend to share :)

First... look what came in the mail finallllllly! :) So excited!

My Marley Lily Monogrammed Clutch! I love it, it is really cute and will be so perfect for football games, shopping, trips, etc. Cross body clutch, but large enough for the "must haves": phone, lipgloss, wallet, gum and hand sanitizer! Probably a little more too. Ella wanted one too and hers turned out super cute, but I will wait to post a pic until she can see it (she hasn't yet!) ha.

Next up... Frankie was the object of "Show & Tell" for the elementary school on Friday :)
It was adorable...

He sat there like such a good boy! All the kids were dying..
One little boy said, "Is it a boy or girl?"
Ella: "He's a boy, his name is Frankie"
Boy: "Then why does he have a diamond necklace on?"
Ella: "Oh it's his collar, and it's blue, and Dana likes for him to wear these, he has like 5 of them"
Chris and I were dying. Yes he is a boy and yes he does wear BB Simon Collars... they are unisex ha. And he looks handsome in them!!

I found something new I am lusting over majorly... at Dillards... this new black Michael Kors watch...

It has more of a rubbery band so its kind of casual ... it's so cute!!! Looked really cute on too :)

Ok this is major... remember when I showed these earrings last week from Pinterest?
Well my mom read that bloggy post and then sent me a text saying I had those earrings when I was a baby that she got for me, with a matching necklace and little gold baby bracelet :)
(Some things never change, I liked to wear the monogrammed bling as an infant too haha)
So she brought them over... they are so teeny tiny but look how cute...

So cute, I am so glad she saved them!
Either monogrammed jewelry never goes out of style, or I've now been alive long enough to see it come back! lol

Ok now I have a hair pic... I can not STAND for my hair to be in my face, if I don't have a bobby pin around at all times I freak out. BUT, I thought for one day I would try to just down, not pinned back, and I thought it looked pretty good .. however, it only lasted until noon at lunch when the bobby pin had to go in!

Maybe I need a stronger hair spray?!? If it would just stay out of my face I could handle it!!

I have an awesome new app to share, but I can't take credit for it... my friend Kelly sent me a text with this cute pic the other day...

Ummm is that the cutest thing you have ever seen?
I was dying!!
The app is called Red Stamp ... and the best part is it is FREE! You can take a pic from your phone and create cards, invitations, announcements, calendars, it's basically pretty amazing and if you don't already have it you need to go download it! I can't wait to play around with it! So fun!! Thanks Kel!!

Now for a little Pinterest...

How great of an idea is that? A painting of your baby puppy? I want one of these of Frankie :)

You know my kitchen obsession...well this one has TWO islands! So fabulous!

These boots are so great! Love them with some skinny jeans!

I have been looking for some new tennis shoes and I found these and ordered them yesterday. Chris has these for guys in two different colors and he says they are so comfortable! I can't wait to get them!

This is by far the CUTEST pregnancy photo pic I have ever seen... it is so adorable! <3

Another reason I love Mason Dash Disnik ... I mean so cute! I don't know what's cuter the sunglasses or the Burberry sweater lol ? dying.

HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE if you were still a kid??
I am going to do this for Jake this weekend... I can see it now, he will have Batman & everybody out there crawling through the maze lol.

I literally do this every.single.time I write that word! lol

Love that. So true.

Hahahahah this is great! I love it!!

That's all for today! I am beat and still have to put a cute new house I listed today on the MLS :)
Will post pics this week for the Lexington people who may know somebody looking ;)

Don't forget to take a look at my Blog Sale from the weekend, I still have some great things left!


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  1. How precious are your monogrammed earrings and pendant from when you were a baby? Ah love it!!! I love the new clutch!!!!

  2. Don't you love the bag? I have the exact one, and while I can't fit a lot in it, it is perfect for games or shopping. I have gotten so many compliments on it!

  3. Love the purse!! And loooooooove Mason!! He is too cute!


  4. GIRL! LOVE that monogrammed purse!!! And those teensy tiny baby earrings are SO cute!!!

    So with you on the bobby pin thing...for some reason lately I cannot STAND my hair to be in my face...

  5. New follower here! <3 your blog!!

    I am the same way about my hair... can't stand it in my face! Drives me nuts!!

    And I love Mason Dysick... ummm totally the cutest kid in hollywood!!!

  6. I love so many things about this post. Also ordered this purse, woop woop! HOW CUTE are those baby mono pieces?? i am OBSESSED!!! My mom saved all of our baby jewelry too! So sweet. AND I got eerily similar tennies for xmas... must find pic. xoxo

  7. Love your Pinterest finds :) And Mason has to be the cutest child ever, haha! Have a great day!

  8. Your hair looks gorgeous but I'm right there with you about pinning it back. I'm eternally putting mine behind my ear! Great Pinterest finds too!

  9. I have the same in the face problem! At any time I have about 20 bobby pins in my purse. I always start with my hair down then by mid-morning it's pinned back. If you find a secret to keeping it down and out of your face fill me in!

  10. I have the nike's and they are super comfy!!! love that ML clutch wow soooooooo cute

  11. I love it! Little Frankie and da bebe are sooooo cuuuuh-yute! Not sure which is cuter! Love the baby monogram earrings and I too love Mason Disick...he is a DOLL!

  12. Okay, LOVE that the lil Frankie went to show and tell. So adorable :) I also love those pink Nikes...I've been loving them on Pinterest. I might have to have that app, too, btw. So cute :)


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