Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back in Business!

Let's be honest here... 10 days and no blogging has seriously made me a tad depressed! But I have been so slammed with work,
(real estate and busy in January are usually 3 words that do NOT go together but I've had 3 closings so far and the month is only half over, and just got another under contract this week! woohoo! maybe the market is turning around in 2012?!? I am keeping my fingers crossed at least!)
and also lots of busy-ness in my personal life this past week, not to mention I have been working on my closet in hopes of having a Blog Sale by the end of the week!!!!! :)
(by writing that down for you all to read I am committing myself to do it lol!)

SO excited to report my phone case came in from Marley Lily and is adorable... and I was right, the brightness is making me happy during this dreary weather!

And to go along with the case... my assistant, Emily (who is obvi so talented at several things!) stumbled across my new favorite app and I just knew everyone would love it so wanted to share....

3 Initials App

Download it now! You will be obsessed! Let me share some examples...

Here is my home screen to match my new case ... (courtesy of Emily who made the first one for me!)

How cute is that? I LOVE it!

Here are some other examples I made for friends :)

You can mix up the colors, choose from different fonts & styles, it's amazing!
If you love all things monogrammed, you will love this app!
It is $1.99 but well worth it I.M.O. :)

Speaking of Emily... look what she got me for Christmas....

O.M.G. a Frankie rug... I literally died. I am obsessed with it.
It is in my kitchen now and at the back door and looks so cute!
Em, THANK YOU!! It's my fave! :)

Next on the agenda...speaking of the king himself,  my baby is home and feeling much better!
I am still not convinced he is 100%, but he got his stitches out over the weekend and seems to be healing still and almost back to himself :)

He loves to lay on top of "mountains" haha idk what his deal is, he jumps to the top of everything!)

This weekend we worked on a MAJOR undertaking...
Ella's Science Fair Project!

Her project was "What Bubble Gum Blows the Biggest Bubble?"
Girl is creative.
(it also was what I did in the 4th grade for mine and once she heard that she wouldn't do anything else ha! We got books on projects, googled ideas, everything, but this was what she chose which is hysterical to me because not only did I do it, BUT then when my little brother was in school he remembers me doing his science fair project for him and doing the same exact thing lol!) 

It turned out adorable... we took pics of each bubble she blew after 3 tries with each different gum!
She had fun doing it and the best part was today she said everyone at school said it was their favorite!
So cute and so proud of her!! :)

Last but not least, I have not Pinterest shared in weeks :( So here are just a few of my recent favorites pins ... and in case you were wondering, I am daily think of what I did with my life at red lights, when I can't sleep, when I am waiting for something or someone, etc, before there was Pinterest!?!?!
Are ya'll still obsessed too?
(If not, don't tell me, I don't want to know ha!)

I love this. Ha. I need this. So cute. From Etsy.

I need this too! How cute would this be at the basketball games?

I have obsessed over the cowhide ottoman for weeks now. It's so amazing.

I kind of have a thing for mudrooms and this is so great, I love the brick paved floor!! Wouldn't show dirt at all I bet... great idea and looks good too!

Monogrammed block earrings. Kinda can't believe I don't have these already?!?

Ahh.... a girl can dream can't she? Look at that wrapping room! I could do some serious wrapping in a room like this! ;)

Ok, lets be honest, is anyone else besides me wishing you will one day have a son that will look like Mason?? hahaha this has got to be the cutest kid ever. Look at his outfit! I mean I guess if Kourtney Kardashian is your mom, chances are you will be pretty stylish... he is so darn cute!

I am so excited for Easter now just because I saw this picture! LOL
Peeps Smores! We will totally be doing this! Yum!

Ok that's all I got... off to watch my shows!
Blog Sale to come... :)
Thanks for all the feedback and emails about it! Hopefully I will have some cute stuff for sale!

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  1. Okay so #1 your dog is so cute, #2 I wish I had of thought of a really cool science project like that, its adorable, and #3 i love your pins! oh && i can't wait to see this blog sale. =]


  2. I'm loving that phone cover! I have a cute one from ML too but now I want a brighter one! Oh and I'm downloading that app ASAP. Have you seen the Wall About You app?

  3. Woo hoo for all of your closings, thats awesome!!!

    I got a marley lilly phone case for Christmas and just love it!! LOVE the design you picked!!

  4. Congratulations on such a successful month!

    Also, I love basically every single picture in this post. haha

  5. How cute - now I am going to want, want, want everything in this post. That 3 goggles tshirt, I want so bad. But they are apparently sold out. : (

  6. I need that mud room... but first I might need a house.

  7. What fun things! I love that 3 initials app, the mudroom, etc.

  8. Oh my gosh! I looove Ella's science project. I seriously want to store this post so I remember when I have a kiddo someday!

    I love reading your blog - glad you're back!

  9. love your phone case! I got a ML one for Christmas! And I am loving that app! I downloaded and not I am borderline obsessed. And Frankie is so cute .. my dog loves laying on the highest thing she can find. Usually it's the back of the couch.. must be a little dog thing!


  10. Love the bubblegum science project idea, we are going to do the same one for my daughter's science fair project, love it!


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