Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Recap!

What a weekend... it has been jammed pack! I don't think I have stopped all weekend!!

Wanted to do a quick recap because tomorrow is a BIG day... Glitz & Glam Blog Exchange Post (which I opened tonight and Rachel did soooooo amazing I am so excited to share!!! LOVE my gifts!) and also Pinteresting Monday :)

First let me tell you that we Chris finally cut out tree and made it pretty :) So we decorated it all morning Saturday and I did the inside while he did the outside, and I think it turned out pretty good!

Our tree :)
Skirt is just some faux fur from Hancocks Fabrics... I couldn't find a skirt I liked this year so this is sufficing ha, it kind of looks black in this pic but IRL it's pretty cute!

I still have some greenery to add to this and I'm sorry for such a bad pic but it was from my phone... but our mantle with our 5,000 stockings lol!

New Nutcrackers are from Homegoods... I think they were cheap like $15 or so....? They are very blingy, I love them :) Got some for the kids rooms also!
(Kids Xmas Rooms coming soon in a post!)

Speaking of the kids and Christmas... our Elf on a Shelf, Jingles, has been totally crazzzzzy this weekend!?!
Take a look for yourself...
 (thank you Pinterest!)

Making Snow Angels (and a mess) out of flour in the kitchen!

Reading a story when we got home to all the gazillion stuffed animals and even the little action figures and army men from Jake's room!

We even woke up this morning and he was on the shelf with his arm around Barbie (forgot to get a pic!) and as soon as Jake saw it he said "Oh my gosh, Jingles married Barbie last night!"
Hahahahaha. Too funny. We were dying. ;)

We went ice skating this weekend to the new Ice Rink down at Triangle Park in Lexington... it was pretty fun!  Crazy crowded, but fun!

Today we went to church, went to a chorus performance of Ella's and then took some pics for Christmas cards and such this afternoon... pretty cute ;)

Chris's parents came down also and got a quick pic in too...

We had such a fun weekend!

I have gotten 3 new favorite CD's and they are just basically on repeat on my car now 24/7...

I already told you how great the Michael Buble CD is... but now let me tell you I am obsessed with the JB Under the Mistletoe CD haha laugh if you want, but it is good and you will agree!! :) And also, got the new WOW Christian Christmas Songs CD at Sam's over the weekend and it is soooooo good! It's a two disc set and all the songs are awesome, I am loving it!!

I am working on a Polyvore Christmas Wishlist for this week too... Just for fun :)
(And for CJ ha)

Check back tomorrow for the reveal of my blog swap gift!!
And some good Pinteresting too!
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  1. I saw the elf on the shelf snow angel picture on Pinterest too and just thought it was the cutest thing!! Jingles reading a story to everyone is also so adorable! Your family is gorgeous and so are YOU! :) Can't wait to see what you got for the blog swap!

  2. A- you make me wish you were my mom, you are freakiiing amazing!
    B- your hair is ridiculously long [in a completely totes obsessed way]
    C- you look incred in that pic!!!
    D- i love that we have the same stockings...sometimes i just stare at mine
    E- i really need to see jingles w barbie<3 the reading the story thing was epiiiic. im still laughing.


  3. I love Jingles in the flour. Our Elf Jack did that this morning too!! Your family is adorable

  4. Just recently found your blog - love it! :) And I totally have the Justin Bieber CD on rotation in my car right now too. Glad it's not just me!

  5. I love your tree and your Elf on the Shelf ideas! So cute!



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