Friday, December 9, 2011

Three One Six

This week I had the opportunity to do something I absolutely LOVE!

My church, Southland Christian, took on the awesome task of partnering with a program, Lifeline Christian Missions, to help feed children in Haiti. The goal is to pack 1 million meals, that will feed 3,000 kids for an entire year! Wow!

Chris and I (along with 6,000 other volunteers) knew as soon as we heard this that it would be something we would do.

The first time we did it (either last year or the year before I can't remember??) we thought it would be fun to bring the girls also so that they could get the feel for what service truly is and also see that there are so many kids that need help, and that they can be a part of the mission of helping! I really wanted them to just experience it and hold that act of service in their hearts. 

When we did it the first time it was so rewarding knowing how many kids would not go without food because of what our church was able to do for them. Ella & Ava had a blast doing it too! Bonus! lol

This year when the time came, we were all so excited!

The night we went, it was PACKED! It is such a great atmosphere, you just help where you can at your table, music is blaring, everyone is there for one purpose... to help pack food for all those kids!

When you get done with a bag this is what it looks like... this is a meal :)

There are different ingredients that go in the bag to make the meal. Each person at your station has a job and fill the bags, seal the bags, box them, label them and then go to the next!

Of course we wear hair nets ha not to stylish but hey, it's only an hour or so. ;)

Chris carried big tubs of soy and rice around to tables as they got low.
The girls were putting soy and rice and vegetable mix in the bags. I was helping them and then packing the boxes and taping them up to send off.

After the meals that are planned are fully packed for that shift, we all sat down to learn a little about what we did that night, how many meals we packed... and what a success the night was!!

These are some facts about Haiti kids... from the screen so not very good pics ha sorry

So sad to read these facts... but rewarding to know that we made one little step in helping them!

That night us, along with the other volunteers, packed 132,000 MEALS! woohooo!

Up to then this week the church as a whole had packed 743,000 MEALS! crazzzzy!

Quickly on the way to 1 million!

It was such a great time!
To learn more about this and the three one six series at Southland you can click HERE.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life."
John 3:16

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  1. this is so amazing, Dana!!!! it is just the epitome of what the holiday season is all about! i was telling my husband, on thanksgiving morning this year, that i can't wait till our son is like 5 or 6 so we can take him on thanksgiving day to serve food to the homeless. it is so important that our kids understand how lucky we are to be so fortunate and that the people in our world who happen not to be as fortunate are still just as worthy of a happy, healthy holiday and a good, hot meal. this warms my heart <3

  2. That is such an amazing thing you did :)

  3. That's so great! Good for you - what a great lesson for the kids.


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