Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy December!

Notice anything different around here? ;)

I am now in 100% Christmas mode!!!

New cute header with a little blinged out Santa Hat ...
(Thank you PinkLouLou, my Christmas bloggy lifesave! XO!)
If you have music on your computer, then you are also listening to my new Christmas Music Playlist!
 I am currently trying to find some more of my favorite Christmas music to put on but for now this is all I had time for.

We got our tree last night... I told Chris I swore we had a 12ft. last year ... He thought it was a 10ft. ... I found a beauitful tree and had to have it. Loved it. Here it was at the tree lot with the kids posing ;)

Yes, I know it's big. Thank you to all my facebook friends who said we were the Griswalds hahahaha ;) And yes Jake has on a girls scarf but he was cold and that was all I had lol poor thing.

Well we got it home and unfortunately, hate to say it, but it's too big :(

(excuse the mess, I have tubs and christmas and messes everywhere today! Driving me INSANE!)
So tonight we are going to have to trim the trunk down (hopefully that will work!) to make it fit then I can get to decorating! Will share pics once it's finished!

Short post today... got lots of work to do and then need to clean up my messy house ha!

Hope you are officially in the Christmas mode too now!


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  1. I love the new blog header! Too cute! And that's too funny that he had to wear the girls' scarf! I'm sure he didn't mind! Can't wait to see your tree when it's decorated! That thing is HUGE!

  2. Love the new blog header! It's adorable! That's kind of funny about the tree. We have a fake one every year but I'm dying to get a REAL one next year! And I want the whole experience of cutting it down too! Just like the Griswalds did it ;)

  3. I hate it when those men are right. Booooo :) Either way, its a great tree :)


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