Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday News & Easter Basket DIY Tutorial

Today was a complete FUN DAY because ...

The CATS Won!

Our team was amazing... we played so hard and deserved this win without a doubt!

Who was there with open arms to welcome them back to Lexington...

Of course my famous assistant, Emily, who else? LOL 
Emily with Terrance Jones, Darius Miller and Michael KG 

I will not lie, I am a little jealous of her right now ha.. how does she always end up with famous people?
(yes I am calling those 3 "famous"...they will be in the NBA next year so that's famous in my book!)

Look who was so exhausted after the game that he had to take a little nap with his two favorite squirrel toys...

Hahaha <3 him!

Ok next on the agenda :

Am I the last to find out the news about Tori & Dean ??

Pregnant AGAIN with their 4th baby ... when she just had Hattie 5 months ago! 

Did yall know this??

They are crazzzzzy! But I still love them :)
Can't wait for their show to come back on!

A week from now we will be on our way to NYC!!

I am BEYOND excited!


I think I've asked before but since I have new followers ... if anyone has any advice/suggestions on where to eat/shop/visit please comment and let me know! This is my first trip to NYC and I am pumped! We are going to be doing so many fun things! It's the kid's spring break so we will be doing lots of exciting kid things too :)


My Pinterest has been BLOWING UP about these Easter Buckets I made for the kids last year...

and I have had several emails... so wanted to just give a quick run down on how to make them :)

You will need these supplies:

 Silver Tins
 (Hobby Lobby last year)

 Sharpie Paint Pens 
(also Hobby Lobby)

Fingernail Polish Remover, Q-Tips & Paper Towels
(The Fingernail Polish Remover will remove the paint pens on the tin should you mess up, then just wipe it down with a paper towel and start over!)

1. Make sure the tin is clean (no dust. wipe off with wet paper towel)
2. I started with the name FIRST in the center on one side so then you can determine how much room it takes up and what you can do on the sides
3. Next I did the bunny... the white paint pen takes a couple of coats
4. After that the grass at the bottom
5. Next, different colorful eggs
6. Then if you have room you can add little curly q's or whatnot around the tin for decoration

I am NO artist, let me tell you!

So if I can do this, so can you :)

They were a big hit, all the kids in my family loved them! Of course the kids knew I made them, but set them out for the Easter Bunny to fill the night before ;)

Link up with me if you make some, I would love to see them!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
I've got a busy week ahead!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week Catch Up/ OOTD/ Frankie & More

TGI-the weekend!!

I have so much to catch up on!

This is major random ... so I'm apologizing in advance!

This past week was so beautiful here in KY,  so we had to enjoy it and be outside a little ...

I got some flowers for our back patio, busted out the patio furniture and cushions and got it all spiffed up for Spring :)

We went to the park on Wednesday night and had a picnic with the kids
(I just spelled that picnik because I'm so used to typing that and then had to correct myself hahahaha!)
Picked up KFC (their choice ha) and ate on a blanket, enjoyed the weather and then played at the park for a while! So fun!

 I've picked up a few new Easter things for the house... still need to pull out my old stuff but these little knick knack patty whacks were too cute to pass up from Pier 1 ... LOVE all their Easter stuff!

Love the bunnies! I had to refrain myself because I could have bought every single solitary Easter thing in that store! If you go... you've been warned :)

I decided to wear white for the first time this year ... I am a skeptic of it usually... but loved this shirt!

 Jeans: JCrew Skinnies
Cowboy Boots: 1883's
Shirt: Lily Pulitzer Spring Collection -
Elsa Top Ruffles
Found here...

Now let's talk about Frankie... let's be honest... he is pretty popular, always has been, and we can not hide that ;)

Yes he is a taddddd spoiled maybe... but I just love that everyone knows who "Frankie" is if they know me, and even think of him while they're shopping!

Example - one of my friends/clients sent me a text saying she thought of us when she saw this shirt and that I needed to go get it ASAP ...

How funny is that shirt!? Two of my favorite things... Frankie and the KY Wildcats! hahhaha
Loves it!!!! Thanks Kristin!! :)

Speaking of this little shit angel... I have been sleeping terrible recently! My new featherbed and bedding came in (seperate post about this! It's amazing!!) and it has helped a bit... but I think I finally realized why I keep waking up exhausted ...

Take a look ...  

This is what I wake up to ... Chris thinks it's funny.... me, not so much. Frankie literally sits right on my chest and licks my mouth, face, lays down on my chest and snores in my face, walks all on my body in the middle of the night, digs at my blankets trying to "make a bed" ... he is TOTALLY out of control! I love him more than anything on this planet ha but this has to end bless his heart! :(

I have seen fellow bloggers doing photo jewelry dumps ... super cute!
So I thought tonight as I was getting a spray tan and taking my jewelry off, it would be a good time to do one.. however I forgot to take it in Instgram :( So it's not as cute! 

Michael Khors watch, Pandora Bracelet, David Yurman Opal Bracelet, JCrew Tortoise Shell Cuff, JCrew Turtle/Diamond gold long necklace, Moon & Lola Block Initial Necklace.

OK Lastly ...

We need to talk about this...

 ***Warning... if for some reason you haven't watched the finale of PLL (not to be mistaken for PinkLouLou, but Pretty Little Liars ha) and it's still on your DVR , DO NOT READ FURTHER***

I will start by saying I am OBSESSED with this show.

I don't know how you could watch one single episode and not be so obsessed that you literally can't wait until the next Monday. It is that good. If you don't watch it, you need to watch the past seasons and then catch up in time for next season this Summer! :) You won't regret it.

So now that you know how much I love the show, I will say, I was a little disappointed with the revealing of "A"

All along I thought it was this cray-cray girl ...

Then towards the end in the last couple episodes, I really thought it could have been her...

Never one time (before the last show) did I EVER think A was Mona... ???

It just didn't make sense to me and I was thinking it was just going to be something bigger!
Now I know at the end, someome still appears to be "A" visiting her in the loony bin ... but I still was a little disappointed.

Anyone else feel this way?

I still however, will be counting down the days until the Summer season starts!! Ahh!! Can't wait!!

Tomorrow is a big day...

my CATS play to go to the final four when if they WIN!!  :)

#BBN, #Wildcatforlife, #BeatBaylor

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Recap

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day!!

I celebrated mine based around this...

We had tickets to go to the YUM Center in Lousiville to watch the CATS play!!

It was totally packed!!

We actually got tickets to the game before that too which was Murray St vs Marquette ... any fans?
That was a great game too!

Of course I wore my blue in support of Big Blue Nation :) But I did sneak a little green on me...

LOL, just a hair tie/bracelet ... but enough not to get myself pinched all day ;)
(I think I'm finally getting obsessed with Instagram now, where have I been?
How am I just now on the bandwagon???)

Before the game we went to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Lousiville... one of my favorite places!

Our seats were awesome... on the suite level in the terrace...

(I think the man behind us was smiling too haha)

The Cats played an AWESOME game, despite shitty refs the entire time! They pulled out a big win over Iowa State ...

87-71 ... GO BIG BLUE!!

So if you know anything about KY Wildacts, you know Ashley Judd is quite possibly the biggest fan... and she was in full spirit at this game... right down in the stands behind the bench!

After the game she had a little mishap...

Do you know Terrence Jones? One of our best players...

Well according to Terrence Jone's Twitter ... Ashley must have gone back to the locker room after the game and mistakenly grabbed his phone!!

Jones' tweet:
"If your trying to reach me on my phone you cant because @AshleyJudd took my phone to e town"
Judd tweeted at him:
"@TerrenceJones1 Terrence, your Mom called!"

I guess Ms. Judd got Terrence his phone back and left him this note
(which I stole from his Twitter ha, don't think he will mind, I'm pretty sure he doesn't follow my blog )

How funny is that? I love that the Wildcats are so popular :) hehe! Go CATS!!

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was just as fun!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

This week was sooooo long!! So ready for the weekend, aren't you?

Today I am doing a new link up from over at Adventures of Newlyweds
for Friday's Letters... so without further ado...
 (I just had to google that by the way ha, "ado" spelled like it sounds I guess!)


Dear Duke: My bracket was doing SO good until you lost tonight and ruined it, however, other than that reason, I am not too upset that you lost ;)

Dear Emily: Today you brought the sweetest, most precious little baby girl into the world, Lila Ruby, and I love her already :) So glad you are both healthy and I can't wait to cuddle her! XOXO

Dear Sun Tan City: Tonight in the Versa Booth when I was getting a spray tan and the heater was OUT and I'm being sprayed butt naked with no heat, and freezing me tail off, I was not a happy camper!! That needs immediate attention!

Dear New Followers: Thank you so much for following and reading my blog! I hope you come back!

Dear People Reading Who Are Not Following: Please Follow! I beg you! Ha! I am shooting for 400 by the end of April :) Thank you! Link me or comment and I will follow yours too... it's a give and take relationship around these parts ;)

Dear Frankie: I love you so much and you are the light of my life, however today when I moved the ottomon over to the window so you could look outside and feel the fresh air, and then you stood on it and peed, like it was ok, really made me mad and second guess why I spoil you so...??? <3

Dear Draw Something fellow game players: I am still obsessed with the game, love it, but want to formally apologize for not playing the last couple of days... I have been crazy busy but plan to catch up this weekend and get back to drawing! If you are playing Draw Something find me at DanaKYRealtor :)

Dear Summer: Please hurry and get here!!!!!!!! I can not wait to get some real sun, wear flip flops and be able to get a car wash without it raining the next day no matter when I do it :)

That's all friends!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that your team wins in basketball
(unless you are for Iowa State and in that case I'm sorry ha!) Go Cats!! :)

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Bracket & Randoms

Today I took a day off (kinda) and watched basketball, was lazy with Chris and Frankie, and ate so many SweetTart Jelly Beans I literally could vom right now
(and I'm supposed to be on a diet since the pool will be here before we know it!)

However, it was a fun, much needed, relaxing day...

Somebody was so lazy today he barely got out of bed!! :)

Speaking of basketball... I wanted to post my bracket before the games started so everyone would know I didn't cheat (because, knock on wood, my bracket is usually pretty good!) ... but that didn't happen. So you'll just have to take my word for it ;)

Before we get to that... I feel like everyone should take a moment and read
from last year on my Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Coach Cal :)
It's pretty good!

With that said... here is a horrible pic of my bracket... (sorry!)

Because it's so bad and you can't see, I'll go ahead and tell yall, the CATS are going all the way!!!
I can feel it!

And yes I highlight when a team wins, ha, OCD much? Yes, that's me. I love bracket time!
Last year I won some $ from the office pool ... this year I just want bragging rights that my bracket will be higher than Chris's on  :)

Congrats Wildcats on your win today! Can't wait to cheer them on on Saturday at the YUM Center!

Ok... I've been obsessed with the side pony braid....

It is the easiest, quick thing to do to my hair right now. How do you feel about it?

With this awesome weather we have been experiencing, along with the fact that we are going to NYC in a few weeks and then it will be Keeneland and THEN Easter (my favorite holiday) right after that... I have been trying my hardest to do minimal Spring shopping (since we are going to NYC and I am sure I will want to bring the house down there with shopping!)... but I have done the annual Spring Lilly run thru and here are a few things I'm obsessed with and ordered/ordering :)

The Elsa Top ... LoVe!

The Ellie Top ... love all the different colors this comes in!

The Belle Top Solid ... so cute! Comes in pink too.
OBSESSED with these wedges!!! So freaking cute!

Lastly... someone sent me an email today with a little thing I wanted to share:

Always Say A Prayer

You can say this quick, little (but powerful) prayer over your own home, your own family, or pass along to someone you know who might need some healing. I thought it was sweet to share and you just never know who may be in need of it :) XO

"God, our Father, If it is your will, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and please watch over and heal my family in Jesus name, Amen."

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary to ME!

I can NOT believe I almost forgot to blog about this...
Monday marked the 1 YEAR Anniversary of my bloggy!!
I can not believe it has been a year since I started this whole thing... I feel like there are positives and negatives to it ... and I thought it might be appropriate to share some of them today ha.
But first... my facebook status update on Monday was as follows:

LOL ... ok two things about that...
#1 So thankful little miss PLL helped me get started and got me all set up :) I haven't changed one thing about my blog because she made it just as I wanted! Which also leads me to remember when we met for dinner and wine to discuss le bloggy for the first time... and I believe we got so darn excited about it that we walked right out and didn't pay for the drinks! Hahaha do you remember that Allison? I remember calling you from the car... ummm... did we pay for that wine? I think not. Ha.
Ok #2 -- How sweet was Chris's comment... :) Aw. He has to put up with my crazy picture taking for the blog, for my crazy outfit pics I force him to take of me 40 times until I like the pic lol ... and my computer screen all bright in his face at night when he is trying to sleep, while I'm not tired at all and blogging away :)
Even though he is pretty wonderful.... don't let him totally fool you...
Take a look at this little ditty later that same day ...
Yea... not so Mr.Nice Guy .. hahahahah jk!
But isn't that mean he won't build Frankie a summer "playhouse" ??
Raise your hand if you agree Frankie needs this...
Clearly Frankie's would have a nice fabric covered bed to lay on in there.. and maybe some pillows and blankets on his balcony at the top ;) How cute is that?
Ok back on track...
Maybe you'll agree, maybe you'll disagree.... but here are my 1 yr blogging pro's & con's:
  •  Sometimes I find it hard to think of things to blog about, and when I look at fellow bloggers who blog literally almost every day and never have a boring post (like Katie over at KC&CO, love her!) haha I get a little bit jelly of how much they have to talk about! :)
  • I sometimes feel like the time I spend blogging, I could be cleaning, or working or reading a book or taking Frankie on a walk, or cuddling with Chris .... and feel a little guilty for spending so much time on it.
  • I got a HORRRIBBBLEEE virus on my computer trying to find pics to blog about the damn Kim Kardashian wedding/divorce hahaha. 3, almost 4 weeks later, and several hundred dollars spent on more crazy celeb googling here.. lesson learned there friends.
  • I know there are crazy people from my past (ex's especially) who secretively read my blog and it makes me kind of freak out because I feel like I don't want them knowing anything I do or looking at my pics or even uttering my name hahaha... does anyone else feel like this? But what do ya do? It is what it is I guess. If they have time enough to stalk read my blog, then I guess that's their issue not mine.

  • I could go on and on and on about all the fun reasons I love to blog! #1 reason it is just a big stress relief for me and something fun for me to do to get my mind off work, and daily tasks ha.
  • I enjoy so much reading and following everyone else's blogs and linking up to others and helping my blog and other blogs grow and become more popular!
  • It is a great way to keep my friends and family and Chris's family up to speed with fun things we do, funny little tid bits about Ella, Ava & Jake and just a way to keep in touch when we don't see each other every day!
  • I hope to one day, very soon, be able to make a little cash money from this little bitty ha. I am in the works of advertising now and going to get some local places to sponsor ads also... just need to find the time to work on this more!
  •  Mostly, this blog makes me HAPPY! I love meeting new people, having new friends in the blog world, and just chatting up about randomness, from the Bachelor to fashion to all our furbabies we adore! Love it!!
My goal for this year is to get some sponsorships, grow my followers (which what is the deal with this? If you are reading, you should be following! ha!), and also do more linking up and guest posting! So with that said, if you would like to link up, do a guest post, trade buttons, etc. please message me! I am happy to do so! :)

Thanks so much to all my friends and blogging friends who are followers and to everyone who reads from Facebook... everyone who comments, emails, etc. I am so happy I did this! I can't wait to turn it into one of those binded books also... that is another goal for this year... I want to get my blog over the last year binded into lots of volumes and display on a shelf in the house! Brit over at Dave an Brit Plus One More has done this with her blogs... turned them into the binded books... and it was so cute! I need to get the company one more time from her... Brit if you are reading this please comment with it haha! Thanks lady! :)  
Sorry for the long post... just wanted to share all of this on this little anniversary of mine ha.
Happy Hump Day!
Tomorrow will be sharing my bracket picks for those of you who are on the up and up with basketball. Can't wait to watch my Wildcats bring it home!!!! #BBN
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