Thursday, November 8, 2012

#SPD Thursday Link Up!

One of my latest and favorite Pinterest DIY projects ... 

Linking up with two of my face bloggers today ... 
Stephanie and Katie for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It :) 

This is a kid SPD project ;)
Prelude to this... is that Jake is in Kindergarten and has "site words" to help him learn to read that he is supposed to be practicing ... which is not one of his favorite things to do as you can probably imagine ;)
So I thought, there has to be a fun way to help him want to learn the words ... and I decided to just search the handy dandy Pinterest ... and low and behold I found the best idea ever! 

This was SO easy and he literally LOVED it! 

It required buying a white posterboard, that's pretty much it! 
(they have the ghost ones with little lines on them you can't see to help with the lines!)

Then I just drew the "parking spaces", ended up having exactly enough parking spaces for site words and even one extra which I wrote his last name in because for some reason it's been a tough one ;) 

I cut out a Hot Wheels Logo out of the new Walmart Christmas Wish List Catalog and taped it on there for a little something extra ;)

Then we went and got all of his cars from his closet and that was it!

You call out a word and the child "drives it around the block" until he finds the word then parks it in that spot! Chris was making car sounds and Jake was dying haha we had a blast and he wanted to play all night! 
After 3 rounds I was the one ready for a break, and HE wanted to keep practicing?!?
Say what?? 
I know... really strange, but true! 

Would totally suggest this to anyone struggling with site words, it took me 10 minutes to make and he will be practicing site words 24/7 now! 
Maybe he will be the best in the class ha positive thoughts! ;)

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  1. I love that he loved it so much! Way to go, Dana! You are such a good soul, and they are lucky to have you in their lives.

  2. Cute idea! And y'all are AWESOME to help him learn his sight words...I wish all parents were that involved!

  3. adorable! I love how you did a kid themed one :) so cute girly!!!

  4. this is adorable!! I foresee MANY teachers/moms pinning this idea! Go you!

    PS-so sorry I'm just now commenting! Life has been CRAY these past few days. Thank you for linking up with Katie & I!


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