Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Photo Dump... Halloween & More!

Hello lovely friends!

It's Monday and today I am taking a break from the office and getting things done around the house, hoping it will clear some clutter and make me feel better :)

I'm going to save Pinterest for another day and play catch up today...
**WARNING: Picture overload today! If you don't like pics then you might want to scroll quickly**

I can't believe I haven't shared Halloween pics yet!!
The kid's costumes were awesome and they were so freaking cute! 

Let me present to you ... 

Batman the Dark Knight, AKA Jake 

Said he was "climbing an invisible rope" in this picture haha! ;) 

Next .... 
The Cutest Cowgirl EVER ... AKA Ava

She was precious, so excited about her outfit, ever since their birthday when we got them so faux cowboy boots they have been obsessed with them and she instantly said she wanted to be something she could wear them for Halloween ... and she totally rocked it! :) 
** I may or may not have super glued my pointer and thumb together putting those feathers on her hat, and literally had to trick or treat with them together until they finally broke apart, I am still peeling glue and skin off to this day, not one of my finer crafting moments hahaha **

I'm saving the best for last ... 

Brace yourself ...

The Queen of Hearts, AKA Ella 

How awesome is she??
I loved that she wanted to be something that we could do face makeup haha! It was so fun! While we were trick or treating everyone was commenting and staring and saying how awesome she looked! She was on cloud nine lol, it was so cute!

It was a little bit cold (43 degrees and rainy to be exact ha) but they were troopers and went the entire 2 hours! I drove the car around while they walked and then they would hop in a warm up for a few minutes then head right back out!

Their candy stashes were pretty good, of course we had to come home and dump them out to see who's was the largest lol ...

I think it was a pretty successful Halloween by the look of this face ... 

This past weekend
We went to some friend's I went to high school with's beautiful wedding downtown ... Emily & Matt!

My pictures were so crappy :( Can't wait to see some good ones on Facebook because she was a beautiful bride!!! It was a great night! So much fun catching up with everyone and sharing their special night! 

How cute were these party favors ... ?

Horseshoes!! Loved them! Great idea! 

Me and Emily (not the bride) one of my other BFF's named Emily also ;) 

Two Dana's (you might know the other Dana from HERE when she used to grace us with her blogging stories! COME BACK!! haha!) ... both red dresses and same nail polish color, it's gotta be the name ;) 

It was such an awesome night!
Congrats Emily & Matt :) Love you! XOXO! 

just a little small wedding detail to share ... 
I found a wedding dress yesterday!!!!!!!!!

I was beginning to freak out a little bit, but yesterday I actually found THE ONE and I am obsessed with it! 
I wish so badly I could share pictures hahaaha but everyone will have to wait for next June for that ;) 
We had so much fun looking .... 
** Bridesmaid Kim, Bridesmaid Whitney, Matron of Honor Chrissy, my cousin Kenzy, Bridesmaid Kelly and moi :) Missing Emily, my friend & bridesmaid, she couldn't make it so we did some facetiming haha, gotta love Apple technology!**

We ALMOST wrapped up bridesmaid dresses, don't have the final ones yet, but we are not going all matchy-matchy ... 
I was loving these long, flowy, neutral blush tones so that's what we are going with :) 

Everyone will be soooo pretty!
Can't wait! Love you girls!! 

Ok I think that is it, shew!
 Long Monday Post! ;) ... Enjoy your day!! 

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  1. SO cute!! Love the kids costumes!!! So exciting you found a wedding dress!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the dress! It's the hardest secret to keep!

  3. The kids are the cutest and you are so thoughtful and talented with them! Yay you - and love those bridesmaids dresses and the little braid in your hair: )

  4. SOOOOOO happy I got to see your pretty face on Saturday night! So excited that you found the dress & the bridesmaid dresses too. You are going to be the most gorgeous bride ever :)

  5. New follower to your adorable blog! :) LOVE it!


  6. I cannot wait to see your dress- I know you'll be stunning!! The kids looked so cute at Halloween.

  7. Love the red dress! Where is it from?

    1. Thank you!! The dress is Theory ... I got it at AJ's Casuals in Lex but they have it online also I believe :)

  8. How adorable! Love the Halloween costumes. And the dress is stunning! I love open keyhole backs!
    xo TJ


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