Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

I know what you're thinking ...

3 days in a row of new blog posts ...? Yes that's correct ... I am totally back on track :)

First things first ...

If you have NOT watched Pretty Little Liars from last night 
I don't want to spoil it for anyone haha!


I am still in shock!

Are you kidding me? Whoa! Never saw that one coming! I am still telling myself someone made Toby put that black hoodie on at the end. Surely he can't be A .. surely he didn't take Spencer's V-card and then be a psycho path A!? I knew Nate was a crazy the whole time ... called it from the get-go. But Toby? No way. He was one of my favorites! :( So sad.
I feel so betrAyed ... hahaahha 
sorry couldn't help myself lol 

Ok let's do a little wedding update ... 
Last night we had a tasting at our caterer for the wedding and let me tell you what, I almost had to have Chris pull over on the way home so I could vom on the side of the road because I ate SOO much! The food was amazzzing! It was everything we wanted and I was so excited. We got to taste every single thing! :)

From the best southern sides you've ever tasted like sweet potato casserole with marshmellows on it, to green beans and mac n cheese ... to country ham biscuits, chicken, three salads, 4 cheese dips and veggies, ... I mean literally it was way more than I expected! We were blown away. I can not wait for everyone to get to eat all the yummies at the wedding!! :) No one will go home hungry that is for sure. 

That was my biggest fear about the food .. I have been to many a weddings where Chris and I have left at midnight and driven through the good ol' White Castle because we were starving ha. I do not want ANYONE driving through Whitey's after our wedding ;) Everyone will be full and stuffed ha. 

The best part of the tasting ... we got to take the left overs home ... take a peak at this ... 

Yea .. ha .. that is in my fridge right now!
So much for the diet this week. It was long gone yesterday!!

Next on the wedding train ... 
How do you feel about "RESTROOM TRAILORS?"

The beautiful farm we are having our wedding and reception at does not have bathrooms. GASP! I know.
However, I have found little things called restroom trailers .. and they seem to be nicer than my own bathrooms at home ha.

Check out these bad boys from PortaKleen

Don't they look nice??

I feel like they will be ok .. they use them at Derby parties for pete sake.
How do yall feel about them? Be Honest.
Oh and let me mention they are air conditioned! Which makes a huge difference. I do not like to be hot in a small area while trying to pee lol

Ok, who else knew about Very Jane and didn't share?

This sweet girl, Kristin,
Keeping up with Kristen
over at Keep up with Kristin blogged about this website and I am so glad I saw it! 
It is awesome! 
There are so many good deals ... and all the stuff is super cute! 
Go check out her post to see the good deals and cute jewelry she has already gotten! 
I can't wait to see what I can find on there ... this could be bad ha! ;) 

Well that's it for today ... I've gotta run to an appointment and then to church tonight. 
Happy Hump Day!
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  1. I have a girlfriend who used those at her wedding and they were a hit. Nobody wants to use a portapotty at a wedding. They were great and you didn't have to worry about the mess and the heat. I suggest them!

  2. We rented portapots for my "rehersal" wedding (he was not a very nice guy...). Two regular and then a handicap large. All three were super nice, and the handicap even fit myself, my big princess dress, and my MOH to help hold it up, rather comfortably.

  3. I just watched PLL again, for the 2nd time, so far :) just to take it all in...SO much happened! I was surprised by Toby but I think he's doing it to protect least I'm hoping that's why! It was so good and so crazy! I really hope Caleb doesn't die!

    And those 'restroom trailers' look awesome! :)

  4. Didn't Kim from RHOA have the potty trailers? I think so. Sooo much better than those nasty plastic one, for sure! And classy. Hahaha. I couldnt pass that one up.

    Ummm those leftovers. Wow. I mean Glasgow is only 2 hours from Lex. I can come up for dinner anytime!

    So glad you are back to blogging. Again. I don't even know who you are right now. ;)

  5. I watched PLL tonight and my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw that this mysterious person in the hoodie was TOBY?! I don't believe it. It's merely to throw us off or to protect Spencer as Julie said above. Not we have to wait until OCTOBER!!! ARGH.

  6. I've used those port-o-trailers before and I swear you don't even realize you're in a portapotty! The one I was in was by Lundy's at the Carrick House (before their addition), so I'm not sure if they rent them or not, but I can tell you they were very nice!

  7. Aw, you're such a doll : ) Thanks for the shout out! I think southern sides is the best way to go for a wedding! Everyone is sure to go home with their belly full! I can't wait to hear more details about your wedding...a farm?! My dream. I have a Pinterest board called "Southern Wedding". No ring on the finger yet...but it's never to early to start planning!

  8. It was good seeing you the other day! So exciting that you are planning your wedding! I am a supporter of the restroom trailer, we have been to events where they have them and they are super nice.


  9. One of my friends did the restroom trailers...they were PRETTY FANCY!! I was very impressed lol!

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  11. They rent the potty trailers at Ole Miss on game days. VERY classy and SO much better than a row of plastic porta potty's! I'm always afraid those are going to tip over while I'm in one. =-/

    P.S. We moved the end of July and have been with our the DVR since, SO Im behind on PLL and it difinately sounds like I have GOT to get caught up ASAP!!!


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