Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Party Central! WoopWoop!

Hello Friends!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and emails from yesterdays post :) I am so happy to be back!!

Now I am in the process of catching up on everyone else's blogs too!!

Before we get to the recent parties I have announcements:

Today is a BIG day for two reasons ...

#1 We have a tasting for our wedding food this afternoon! 
I have been starving myself all day and am SO ready to go eat some yummy food :) Will update how that went tomorrow! I am little nervous about it, picking food for several people to like is kind of a lot of pressure?!?!

#2 Tonight is the season finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS .. who will betrAy them?

Who is your pick?
The last episode showed two black hoodie people .. hmmm... ??

I really am feeling like its Paige, I've never liked her ... but my friend Cory thinks differently ... see below, he is a PLL expert to by the way ha!

So if not Paige... who could it be?? We shall see tonight!!!!

Ok next order of business ... PARTY TIME!

I have pics from a few of the parties I have been able to partake in these last few months.

Let's start with a "Construction Party" for Chris's nephew Jack :)

How cute is he? His hair is adorable and cracks me up! This cake she MADE and it looked awesome!!
(PS. Yes she has painted her laundry door with chalkboard paint!)

She had the table decorated with black cloths and then yellow duct tape for the "road" effect ... the silverwear were the "tool" and then she did orange plates and yellow napkins!
With little construction toys sitting around also :) It was so cute!

He was most excited about that cake I think lol

And it's safe to say our present was a hit ... I got a text from her a few days later with a pictures of a million balls all over her house that said "Thanks for the bday present!" hahaha. At least Jack loved it though ;) That's what Aunt's and Uncles are for right? The fun toys your parents won't buy!

Next up ... "Thomas the Train" Birthday party for my Godson, Connor

I did get a few ideas from Pinterest ... and wouldn't you know it that at the party I barely took any pictures the whole time! :(

I did make some train theme things ... like these wooden signs ... SO easy, got the really thin pieces of wood from Hobby Lobby for like .99cents each! Then painted them white ...

Then painted black stencil letters on the signs, hot glued them together and then used red and black cardstock paper to make the lights for underneath!

How cute did these look hanging up at the shelter the party was at?

She did a cupcake cake and it turned out so cute, he loved it! And the cupcakes were amazing!!

How cute is that sweet boy? Love him to pieces, he had such a good party! Can't believe he is 3 years old! And he will have a baby brother in about 3 weeks ... ahh!! ... which leads me to my next party ...

Chrissy's Baby "Sprinkle"
This past weekend I had a "Sprinkle" for Chrissy at our house ... now before you ask ... let me give you my definitions:
Baby Shower: A party thrown for someone when they are about to have their FIRST child where you go crazy and celebrate with a million friends and family!
Baby Sprinkle: A party thrown for someone when they are about to have their SECOND child where you invite close friends and family, don't register, just kind of get some necessities, and celebrate :)

I had so many people ask me what the H a sprinkle was hahaha it was hysterical!
While setting up the night before I had all the decor out and Ella and Ava (the party planning assistants!) were helping put everything together, Ella said "Umm I don't think this is a sprinkle, this is more like a hurricane!" LOL I died laughing.

Chris got so sick of me saying the word "sprinkle" that about three weeks ago he banned me from saying it around him hahaha
And then Chrissy's dad had to throw in a few jokes as well ... calling and telling her next week he was having her a "drip" and the week after that they might have a "mist" lol ... nice one Steve. ;)

Anywho ... the important thing is, it turned out awesome! :)

I printed this cute free printable and put on the polka dot paper and framed it :)
(Email me if you want the free printable I can't find the link anymore but I have it saved, it only came in red though :(

I'll just be honest, the cups were my favorite thing about the entire Sprinkle!

I ordered the pdf for the stickers for the cups from this Etsy seller ... then had them printed on label paper at Kinkos for really cheap, then cut out and put on clear cups!

The straws and flags I ordered from Etsy HERE ... they came on time and were the talk of the party! Adorable!

These cute water bottle labels came in PDF from HERE then I printed on label paper also!

After food and presents we did ice cream last and I had a variety of "sprinkles" and little blue plastic ice cream cups and spoons from Walmart (yes Walmart ha!) .99cents each ... were absolutely perfect too!

The mom to be with myself and her sis!

My second favorite part of the party ... the Party Favors!!
I went to Bath and Body Works and got the little mini hand sanitizers that were blue in color ... then printed out a cute little saying and hole punched then tied on the bottles with some jute. They were presh!
And I thought of the saying all on my own ... which I was quite proud of ;)

Now everyone will be ready to hold the baby when he gets here!! ;)

I also did the Hershey Bars for the kids to all take home ... with a paint pen just colored blue the HE and they were perfect! 

I bought the book "On the Night You Were Born" and had everyone write a little note in it for Chrissy and the baby as a guest book, then gave it to her to take home and read on the night he arrives :) 

Chrissy's sister made amazing and super cute cake pops! They were awesome! Thanks Steph! 

We played my favorite Baby Shower game I've ever played!
Here are the rules:
Buy balloons and size 2 diapers for however many guests you are having ... (we had about 30 so one pack of diapers was all I needed)... 
You give everyone a balloon and a diaper and then at the same time .. everyone starts to blow up their balloon. once blown up they have to fit the diaper on the balloon without it falling off and hold it up. The first 5 people to do this move on to the next round .. 
Our top 5 are pictured above ha! :) 

The next step is to give those 5 people a marker and they have to draw their best "baby face" on the balloon.
The Mom to Be then chooses her best baby :)

This was our winner! :) So cute! And we had a second place winner as well ... their prizes...

Blue Essie Nail Polish ... some nail goodies, and some blue Extra gum :) A fun little goodie for a boy shower!

Whitney and Kim .. having fun with the game :) 
PS. These two pretty ladies are two of my bridesmaids <3

Opening her presents!

Baby Boy Cookies brought by one of Chrissy's friends :) They were so good and looked perfect!

Chrissy enjoying some sprinkled ice cream :) 

Last Picture. Love this! So cute!! :) Would be perfect to frame with a thank you card or something :)

How cute was that? It was a great day!
Love you Chrissy! Can't wait to meet baby boy #2 <3

Ok I gotta run, tasty food is calling my name!
Have a great day!
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  1. It's either Paige, Lucas or Melissa..

    I'd rank them in Lucas, Melissa and Paige..

    AHHHHHH so excited I've waited forever to find SOMETHING out.. totally addicted to the show!

    Congrats too on your engagement!!

  2. Congratulations on the engagement! What a cute baby shower!!

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