Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Artist Find & Fall Stuff

Happy Thursday friends :)

Let's talk about what my life consists of these days ...

1. Work
2. Work.
3. More work
4. Wedding Planning (fun!)
5. Getting on Pinterest and obsessing over wedding stuff and new fall clothes every night before bed ha!

That pretty much sums it up :) No but really, I have been having a busy week as usual ... doing big things with my real estate business right now and have been spending some time getting a new logo made, doing some research on getting more in tune with the SEO search engine stuff, blah blah blah haha not super exciting things, but things that are a necessity in the crazy world of real estate!

I am ready to take my business to the next level so I have been kicking it high gear!
Can't wait to share my logo and new stuff once it get's finished!

In the meantime, I am making a BIG change and ordered a Mac yesterday ...

I know, I know ... you're thinking how in the world have I not gotten one thus far in life? 
Honestly I was so afraid to switch from PC that I have procrastinated. 
BUT, with the iPhone, my iPad that I use every day, and the fact that I am so sick of cleaning viruses off of my computers... I figured it was time to switch!  

Anyone have any tips or suggestions? Please pass them along ha I will be in training for a while once this beast gets here ;)

Couple things I have discussed on Fbook but not gotten to blog about yet... 

A few weeks ago Chris, myself and Frankie (field trip day for him ha!) went to the Woodland Art Fair downtown Lex and scooped up one of my favorite paintings by the most awesome artist EVER!

Chris Hartsfield 
Watercolor Realisms 
He is amazzzzzzzing ... I was midly obsessed with him.

This is my favorite one we bought ...
(**We did not buy his originals, they are super pricey and out of my budget ha, these are copies but look so good and exactly like the originals!**)

"Kentucky Faves" 
My picture on my phone honestly does not do it justice, but it's pretty awesome right? 
I love how custom he makes them to your hometown. I thought they looked kind of rustic so picked up this frame at Hobby Lobby and then Chris actually stained it a few days ago and it looks better now that it is darker! :) 

I hung it right in the kitchen, next to my newly painted kitchen and chalk board painted pantry door! :)
Everyone has commented on it and thought the painting was awesome!

I got two smaller ones for the bathroom but am waiting until those dang frames go 50% off at Hobby Lobby!
But they are pretty cute too ...

 Can't find the name of the mint julep one :( 

"Old Fashion Aristocrats"

I loved both of these too. Very Kentucky-like ;) and Southern. Chris nor myself even drink bourbon lol but I  still think they are just super cute!

He has other states that he does stuff for as well ... check out his website at

Let's see... what else ... oh speaking of Kentucky ... 

While showing houses last week look what I opened the back door to see in one backyard ...

Yes, your vision is correct ... a real life UK shrub hahahahaha
If that is not a KY Wildcat Fan then I don't know what is! 
How funny is that? Love it! 

The kids are doing good ... 
They had picture day last week, so of course I made them do a small photo-op before heading to school ... 

They looked so cute! :)

And of course someone had to be involved too in the model session ... 

He's home-schooled 
hahahahaha ;) 
So we had pretend picture day!

Lastly, some Pinterest ... 
I am soooo ready for Fall clothes ... anyone else? 

I am obsessing over the following: 

This mayan tribal chunky cardigan ... love it! 

love her leather pants, short jacket and super cute scarf! 

I love a black dress with boots ... and the tweed jacket is a total fave! 

Big chunky sweaters that are comfy of any kind are my absolute favorite! 

love a little bit of cheetah print somewhere ha 

I am obsessing over this chevron hammered knuckle ring!

Ok gotta go show houses! 
Can't wait for the weekend ... Saturday I might get to relax and not work for a day! yayy! 
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  1. Can I just say how super happy I was when you were in my newsfeed last week! I had a comment typed out to congratulate you on your engagement, but it never posted. So-- CONGRATS, girl!!!!!! You will be a GORGEOUS bride and wife!

  2. Omg those pics are amaze! I'm going to have to check him out asap, cause the woodford lover in my life would die for that pic in your kitchen! Go UK, so excited for tailgate season!

  3. Hey Dana! I am in love with that print. Do you know what size you got? It looks like the bigger one but just making sure. Thanks!!

  4. Okay, I LOVE that black door. I'm interested in doing that but scared, haha! It wouldn't be to bad to start downstairs I guess...there are only a couple doors down here :) Love the pictures of the kids, as usual...they are so cute :)

  5. Love those paintings! I'm gonna check out his site..hopefully he'll have some stuff for GA! Your house looks totally cute, btw...I love seeing inside other people's home. Creepy?!
    Are those your kids?! I know I just started following you, but I didn't realize you had kids. They're too cute! Have a great week!

  6. Fashionable indeed! I love the outfits.

    Marielle of wholesale blac label

  7. I love all of the sweaters! and kids on picture day slay me. So freaking cute

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