Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Ninjago Party... Say What? ha

Unless you have a small boy in your family who is obsessed with Lego Ninjagos... you will likely have no idea what they are ha and I was the exact same way until a few weeks ago when Jake only talked about Skylanders and Ninjagos!

His 5th Birthday party was this past weekend and it turned out pretty cute, even if it was a theme I had no clue what to do with ... thank goodness for Pinterest and some of my creative juices flowing!!

We rented the big obstacle course inflatable and had a blast with that!
(If you live in Lexington or close by message me the next time you need an inflatable for anything, this is a sweet couple from Winchester who are sooo much cheaper than others and are so great to work with! Love them!)

I got several ideas from Etsy and ordered some digital files and printed at Kinkos for super duper cheap ... these sticky eyes I had printed on label paper, then cut them out and stuck them onto balloons to look like Ninjagos :) We had them all over the house, really cute!

The eyes came from THIS Etsy seller

Then I got these FREE Gatorade graphics from a blogger and had them printed on label paper also and peeled off and stuck on .... I have these on my laptop, message or email me if you ever want them and I will send to you :)

Each of the Ninjagos have a drink :) The kids were obsessed with these!

Lego goody bags :)
(Just gift bags from Target then we cut out the circles from wrapping paper and taped them on. Ella & Ava were such good helpers, they did almost all of these bags! So Sweet!)

We did a "Guess How Many Candy Legos Are in this Bowl?"
and whoever guessed right got all the candy ... everyone had a good time guessing! :)
(Lego Candy was purchased just from the candy store in our mall by the pound, and WARNING they are super addictive! Chris and I ate wayyy too many! They are so good!)

We had lots of snacks and food but two cute ones were the fruit waffle cones and the veggie cups!
Both courtesy of Pinterest :)
We displayed most of the food on the green Lego boards for an extra touch ha ;)

This was my favorite thing we made ... and the kids loved making them with me too!

Ninja Sushi ...

(Rice krispys, Swedish Fish, and Fruit Roll Ups)
So easy and fun to make! They were a HUGE hit with the kids.
Jake couldn't say "sushi" for some reason so he called them "fish shrimp" all night ha! hysterical.

I didn't get a picture of the table after everything was on there, but this one is good enough... :)

We made faux Legos haha ... capri sun empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper then put the dots on there! 

The cake was totally amazing ... per the usual ... and yummy as always!  

How good were those edible Ninjagos??? They look so good!

Confused Confections is AMAZZZZZING if you live in Lex.

Every single time we get a cake from those ladies I am blown away! They are the absolute best around and that goes for the taste of the cake too!
Visit their website to see some more awesome cakes!
You won't regret using them for your next shindig ha!

Jake and his cake :) So cute!

Before the party the kids decided they wanted to dress like ninjas .. ha ... brace yourself ...

(I had some iron on letters and made them their tank tops lol!)

They literally scared me when I wouldn't see them for a few minutes and then they would creep around the corner HA! It was so funny. But I am happy they got creative with their costumes lol :)

Ok and to end this little party blog, are you familiar with Skylanders for Wii?
After his party, this child literally has got to have every single one they make ha.
It is beyond ridiculous ha I have no clue what these little creatures do or are, all I know is he is obsessed with them and now we have all of them plus their little tower house for them to all "live in"!

We had sucha  fun time but more importantly, Jake and his friends had so much fun!
I love doing these parties because it's kind of a hobby for me ... but I also love doing them for the kids and our families so everyone can have a good time and enjoy :)

Plus who knows ? ... Maybe one day I will decide my life is not already crazy enough and open a party planning business!?!
Hey, as my Papaw says, "the harder you work the longer you live!" :)

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  1. So cute! You did a great job!

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  3. You took a hard theme and made it into an awesome party! Love it!

  4. You plan the most fantastic parties. I wish I were related to you, ha!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for giving me credit for the Ninjago Eyes! You rock and your party looks AMAZING!!!!! Loved reading it!!!!

  6. Wowww!! thank you so much for the ideas, please i will love the Nijago eyes (Gatorade graphics).

  7. Great party! We are planning a Lego ninjago for my soon to be 5 year old. Do you mind sending me that file for the eyes? Thanks so much for all the ideas!

  8. May I please have the dink label file and ninja eyes if you don't mind sharing

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    Thank you!!

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  12. You did an amazing job! Would it be possible to get the gatorade file from you?

    Thank you :)

  13. What a great party!!!! Could you send me the gatorade file? Thank you!


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