Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time to play catch up!!!

I have officially turned into a horrible blogger :( 

I am ashamed to say it ... but what once was my favorite thing to do has now sadly slipped to almost the bottom of my list because I have had ZERO time to do anything lately I feel like.

BUT I am turning I new leaf and getting back in the swing of things ... woohoo! This will be a total random post because I have so much just randomness to share!

First .. I have not gotten caught up on everyone else's blogs yet BUT I did read this post today and literally laughed outloud and agreed with every single word that was written by Ms. Raven ...

This was an awesome post ... one every single blogger (whether small, medium or large ha) should read! 
Go Raven! Loved it girlfriend! 

Next on the agenda ... 

I have been a busy little bee let me tell you ... houses are selling like hotcakes here in good ol' KY, thank the Lord! With that said .. I am not sure ya'll noticed, but I decided it was time to step up my game with a new summer real estate picture ... ;)

(Shirt is Lilly Pulitzer)

I am going with a new "Sold by Dana" theme ... and have been incorporating some of my AWESOME clients in with this (I just know they love that before a closing I stalk them to take their picture, lol)
So I feel like I need to give a shout out to my two recent sets of clients who closed on their new homes ... 

Dr. Trace Bratton and his lovely wife, Sarah 
(actually from my hometown of Bristol, VA and got transferred here ... Trace's and my grandparents are best friends, small world I tell ya!)

Casey and Macy Young (with future baby girl on the way!) 
I am actually really sad I won't be showing them houses anymore :( We had fun, they were awesome to work with, and we had some funny house looking experiences I won't ever forget lol. But I do still have to sell their current home, adorable ranch in Hamburg, message me if you know anyone looking for a cute 1st home! ;) 

PS. Don't you LOVE Instagram? I can't take a normal picture now, literally try and can't like it until it's distorted to look 100 years old in Instrgram lol. 

Next ... Father's Day .... 

We had a family cookout on Saturday night for Father's Day .. it was so fun! 
Great food, family, friends and just hanging out ... but don't you know I didn't get one dang picture with my dad! :( So mad!!! 

On Father's Day the kids and I made Chris breakfast in bed ha :) 

We went to dinner that night ... and I love this pic ... so cute!! <3 

The kids did a Father's Day project for Chris where we got the frames with a 5x7 picture on one side, and then on the other side you can do just a certificate or something, which is where we did a "Top 10 Reasons I Love You" and each of the kids thought of their own reasons and got super creative, they did a great job!! To say Chris loved them is an under statement ;) He was so happy and the kids loved presenting them to him in front of everyone! Adorable!

Vacation Time ... 
We just went on our annual vacation down to Florida with the kids and Chris's parents and had so much fun! 
This is a photo dump ... so sorry ... but I haven't hardly Facebook'd a lot of these yet so ... here goes ... :) 

Ella, such the jet setter ha! Love this picture! 

 Our condos :) 

We found tons of shark teeth on the beach, that is one of everyone's favorite things to do while we are there! So fun! We fill a jar at home with them :) 

Chris did pretty good with the fishing this trip :) Such a cute little fisherman ha 

That little fisher took a nap on the boat haha ;) Wore him out bless his heart! 

Chris's Parents ... LJ & Cathi .. had so much fun with them! :) 

Love this pic of the kids :) Precious! 

Jake and I always have a million funny face pictures and he will look at them on my phone for like an hour and crack up haha! 

You know I am totally obsessed with any sort of picture cut out ... so I couldn't wait to do those!!
LOL, you can also revert to this picture ... 
Emily and I took at the Remax camping retreat lol 
Hahahaha :) 

We had such a good time on vacation ... it rained most of the week but we still found fun stuff to do and made the best of it :) On the last day home it was Jake's birthday so we had a birthday breakfast of doughnuts in the hotel that morning and opened some presents ha ... 

 So handsome! We will be having his real party soon and I haven't had time to get it all together so the next few days I will be kicking it into gear lol but it will be such a great one ... Lego Ninjago theme (say what? I know ha) a tough one that's for sure ... but don't doubt this party planner .. I have cute ideas ;)

My cousin Kenzy has the same Bday as Jake and we got to celebrate with her when we got home too ...

Can't believe she is 13 ... a teenager ... totally crazy! Love her though, isn't  she so pretty and cute? The silly picture cut off her super cute cowboy boots she got for her bday :( But she looked adorable! Love you Kenzy!! XOXO

I feel like I have so many more things to share but let's be honest, this is enough for one post ha. 

I will leave you with this ... my new desktop on my computer ... you can steal it if you want ;) I stole it from Emily ha so now I will pass along to everyone else ... 

So appropriate for the 1st day of summer :) 

Oh and I almost forgot ... 
my baby ... 
He is still such sweetness and he has been spending his summer days so far eating popsicles and hanging out with me :) 

Love him!!!!! So freaking cute. <3 

Can't wait to catch up on all my favorite blogs this weekend ... :) 
Happy almost weekend! 

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  1. New to your blog! Your new pictures are SO cute!!!

  2. Glad you're back :)
    I love reading! I sell real estate here in Ga!

  3. you are so so sweet!! thanks for the shoutout!

    Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new summer real estate picture! My mom and sister are realtors, and my dad owns the Homes and Land magazine here (I used to work for him for years) and from experience, you have a very good real estate picture!!

  4. Your new picture is beautiful! Great vacation pictures.

  5. LOVE your new pictures. Gorgeous!!

  6. Your new picture is beautiful, I want teeth as white as yours, and I'll take some of that shiny hair too :P Looks like you guys had a fun time on vacation...the pic of the little man napping on the boat made me smile :)

  7. Such fun pics!Love the new tagline and real estate pic! Random question - what is your watch?


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