Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl, Baby Shower, Cakes, Oh My! :)

(Warning... LOTS of pictures in this post, you've been warned lol!)

Call me crazy...

But there were basically two reasons why I cared about watching the Super Bowl tonight...
Reason #1 - Miranda and Blake Singing "America the Beautiful"

I LOVE them! Loved her pink microphone, she looked so pretty, and he so handsome!
If you missed it watch it here...
(Just to note, Kelly Clarkson was pretty amazing too, she killed it, love her!)

Reason #2 - Tom Brady


No explanation needed, just look at the pic haha. He is so cute, right up there with David Beckham in my book (and of course my handsome BF ha!)

Meanwhile, Frankie sure did enjoy the Puppy Bowl ...

hahahaha he sat right up and watched them and growled and barked, it was hysterical!
next year he needs to be in the Puppy Bowl, wonder how you go about signing up for that? lol

My favorite thing of the week...
With Valentine's Day right around the corner... if you are in need of an idea to tell your honey... no need to ask, I am here to help! ;)

I am in love with comfy pajama pants, and sadly enough, when I find a pair I really like, it is very likely I will buy every single color so that I can rotate!
(Don't judge, they can be hard to find!)

Feast your eyes on my new loves...

Lace-Waist Lounge Pant PINK! by Victoria's Secret
$34.50 ... come in pink, grey, blue and black... literally the softest most comfortable lounge pant I have ever purchased and I am obsessed with them! The lace is so cute and comfy too, not itchy.
You will love them!

Beautiful Baby Shower ...
Yesterday was one of my BFF's since high school, Emily's, baby shower we have been planning for (see this post) for months and I must say, it turned out so fabulous!

Emily looked gorgeous, the decor was beautiful, the food AMAZING, the most presents one has ever seen at a shower were opened (we had to have a half time break I am not joking) and oh, don't think I forgot.. the cake was BEAUTIFUL and delicious and I had my first experience ordering cake pops and oh my they were so cute!! Here are some pics so far from the day...
(Thanks Katie, I stole some of yours!)

It was a "Sip and See" theme... very delicate and beautiful with tea cups and flowers and such :)

Beautiful tea cups, flowers, pink lemonade, paper pom poms, silver tea sets = classic decor

The food was amazing... catered locally by Season's Catering, they were so great!
1. Pimento Cheese Mini's
2. Vegetable Lettuce something that little nuts and a sauce in it ??
3. Chicken and Cilantro Poppers
4. Asparagus and Cheese wraps
5. Mini Twice Baked Potatos (O.M.G I could not stop eating these!)
6. Mini Crab Cakes... literally melted in your mouth! Were my favorite!

Another outstanding job by my favorite cake place, Confused Confections Bakehouse
Cake Pops with pink glitter and then pink drizzle on white chocolate... and pink rice krispy treats with the babie's initials on them! Then check out this beautiful cake...

How pretty is that? Loved it! Those ladies are to talented... and it tasted just as good as it looked!!

Sweet Mama with some of her million presents, lol


Katie made this cute tea pot pottery pieces to give away as favors to our guests... they were so cute!! 

Played a fun game of guess what was in the bag related to babies!! Such a good idea!

Katie also made the letters for Lila's room and this painting above that all the guests stamped their thumb print on ... I love this... once she is born she is going to go back and put her weight, height, date of birth, etc to have all her info on there! Such a wonderful idea!

Emily and her mom, Julie (my fave!) :)

Emily & her mother in law, Christine : )

Anne & her mama!

Me as the offical cake cutter ha!

Daddy Bobby getting prepared with the new car seat haha!

Some randoms of guests...

I think we deamed this the prettiest bow on all the gifts maybe? Em it's a great picture of you!

And the new Mama and Daddy to be :)
(In case anyone is wondering, Emily's super cute dress is from Target! I know people will ask! How cute is it? Love the belt too!)

Shew! What a party! So fun to celebrate baby Lila!! :)
Love you Emily!! XOXO

I am doing a seperate post tomorrow on Emily's gift from me... as it goes with my Pinterest Monday blog posts ... and I want to give a major shout out to the Etsy store!! :) So check back tomorrow!!

PS. I guess my team lost? Poor Tom :(  
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  1. What a sweet baby shower!!! Love love the cake, so pretty! The food loooks amazing!!!

  2. What a cute shower!

    And ohmygosh I thought Blake and Miranda were SO cute!

  3. Well look at that prrreeerrrty baby shower! Your friend looks like she is GLOWING and I LOVE your cute outfit that you wore to the shower! All that amazing food is making HUNGRY!! I was in the bed by 8 last night, but I did have the game on...listening, how much longer until baseball season??


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