Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last week Chris and I went to the beach.. just kids or family (even though we missed them!) but it was fun to go just the two of us and be together. We went to a little island close to Boca Grande, about 2 hours south of Tampa.

In my last post we had enjoyed the 4th of July there, had a great time having dinner and watching fireworks! The next night the worst thing happened... I got a stomach bug! Literally this is where I slept...

In the bathroom, on the floor, hugging the toilet, vommiting for 12 straight hours. It was the most miserable thing ever. Thank goodness it only lasted for one night. The next day was much better! :)

We went to the beach... so pretty ...
I laid out in the sun while he fished, then he drove up on shore to eat lunch with me :) So fun!

I got to enjoy my new hat!!! Loved it!! It was PERFECT for the beach! Everyone needs one of these! :)

We went to eat at our favorite place down there for dinner one night...

and let me introduce you to the best things in the world...
Corn Nuggets!
You dip one in ranch, take a bite, and look whats inside... haha

Cream Corn! Mmmm love these! My fave! So good!

Chris and I on the boat :)

Ok this is random, but all the girls will totally understand why I am so glad I ordered this and hopefully not think it is TMI lol ... when you go on vaca what do you do with your dirty panties? I'm always putting them in a pocket of my bag, or luggage... in a Target bag, etc ha. So one day when I was at a store in Lex called "Caught Ya Lookin'" down on Clay Avenue, I saw this and knew I had to order one!

Perfect Panty Keeper! It has a zipper on the top... with a divider down the middle! It's a pretty good size too and they have all sorts of patterns of fabrics you can choose from! Love that store!

We came home at night and were flying right when the sun was setting and I snapped this picture that I just think is so beautiful...
The sun was going down and we were above the clouds and it just looked sooo pretty! :)

We got home at 4am and all day yesterday I had a party to plan.... We hosted a couple's shower for my friend Stephanie and her fiance Levi last night! This is a whole nother' post in itself so once I get the pics uploaded I will post...can't wait for you all to see the cute decor! It turned out so stinkin cute! :)

Oh and I haven't even blogged about Casey Anthony... ugh! Is everyone as ticked as I am about her? I sat in the condo in complete SHOCK when they read the not guilty verdict. I have a great article I will post about that too in a seperate one...!

Hope everyone had a FAB weekend : )
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