Sunday, July 31, 2011

Frankie's 3rd Birthday!

Yesterday was my sweet angel's 3rd birthday... and I felt like a horrible mom because we already had plans to take the kids to Kings Island before they start back to school. So that morning we made special time for him :) Then he went and played with my mom and her dog all day lol

I remember the first day we went and got him...he was so cute and sweet :) Look what I found...

Aww look at him coming home for the first time ;) This was right after we picked him up and got him in the car! He was a little greasy and hadn't had his first bath yet! Brings back the memories lol

Ok so back to his bday...after he slept in...

We got up, decorated the dining room...

 Then took him to his favorite store, the Barkery!
He rode in his favorite spot (aka Jakes carseat ha)

Then looked out the window and tried to show off his Birthday shirt :)

We made it and he was so excited when we pulled up!

He had fun picking out some new toys and then we got some yummy treats and cupcakes for him!

Frankie enjoyed his new toys... and a new Pee Pad that looks like grass LOL hopefully this will help him not pee in front of the back door anymore when we are not home! ;)

Frankie LOVED his one day a year of getting on the dining room table to enjoy his treats :)

He even is testing the waters with his new grassy indoor space hahahaha

 Then just for fun, we played put the paw on the doggy and ate cupcakes :)

It was fun!

Me and my sweet boy...

Wish I could have had him a major dog party but unfortunately I couldn't pull it off this year..maybe next year :)
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  1. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog and had to follow! I threw my cat a birthday party, so I can appreciate the party for your pup :) Too precious!

  2. AWWW! I wish I had pics of my baby when he was little. I love the pic of Frankie on the table eating, I did that for one of Bentley's bdays too!! B likes to pee on my kitchen mat...Im seeing a Yorkie trend. Was it hard to train him? Do you still have problems from time to time with him? B is 7 and I do!

  3. Too cute! Where did you get your necklace? The grey one with initials? It's so adorable!

  4. I agree with Shellybell please share!!

  5. omg! please let me know if the pup grass works! i saw that one day but wasn't going to get it til i read some reviews on it!


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