Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Realtor by Day, Party Planner by Night :)

Happy Tuesday!
I have been dying to upload all the pics from this past Saturday night and finally got it done! We hosted a Couple's Shower for my BFF Stephanie and her future husband, Levi at our house... we literally got home from vaca that day at 4am and ALL day I ran around like a crazy person getting everything ready for that night! Thank goodness for Chrissy and Kelly who ran errands, help me set up, and made the entire thing happen! Couldn't have done it without them! XO

We had a MAJOR food table! We had catered pulled pork and chicken from Sarah's Corner Cafe off Winchester Rd... Mmmmm so good! Also had her famous Cheese Casserole too, so yummy. Then just cooked a bunch of other BBQ type dishes... baked beans, potato salad, mini corn on the cobs, fruit, etc!

Another Amazing Cake & Cupcakes by Confused Confections Bakehouse (FYI on Todds Rd)! :) Love those talented ladies, what a great job and such yummy cakes! Also this time we did 3 dozen of their chocolate covered strawberries and O.M.Gsh they were so good, my mouth is watering typing this and thinking of them! Ha!

How cute is that???

I printed a few of their engagey pics done by the FABULOUS Alicia w/ Aesthetiica Photography and used to decorate around the food table! :) Her engagey pics are super cute.. totally make you feel like you are watching "The Notebook" all over again ;) Click HERE to see a few on her website ... they are so super cute!

For the decor, we rented black chairs and black tablecloths and went with lime green accents since that is kind of "uni-sex" and it was a couple's shower :) My absolute FAVORITE thing we did was buy lime green tuell (thank you Emily for finding it! XO) and tied it around all the backs of the chairs for a little bit of color! Loved it! I bought flowers from the Fresh Market and the silver tins from Garden Ridge and just put the flowers together myself for centerpieces along with some balloons here and there.

Turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself :)
Shoutout to Chris who went and picked up those tables and 40 chairs in the sweltering heat and set them up!<3

Just a few candid shots from the night...

The happy couple :)

With a few Marley Lilly goods haha ;)

Look who made a special guest appearance.. Connor Jackson :) Is that the cutest smile you've ever seen?

Hahaha this quite possibly could be my fave pic of the night... Whitney is so creative with the tuell lol What a beautiful scarf you have there :) Funny thing is I am pretty sure she was sober during this classic photo op!

I hope Stephanie and Levi enjoyed their evening as much as I did! It was a fun night and I am so happy for them and wish them a blissfully happy future together! Love you guys! XO

Ok so who is game for starting a part time party planning business in the evenings? LOL

So fun to play and do these parties!
 (Even though if you asked Chris or Chrissy how I am an hour before these little shindigs start, they would tell you to either run, and steer clear and don't talk to me, just leave me in my "zone" to tend to my tasks at hand) haha! ;) 
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  1. You did a great job throwing everything together; it all looks great! I love planning parties too, but I'm the same way right before everyone is supposed to arrive...Just leave me alone and let me do my thing! And then give me a glass of wine so I can unwind and enjoy what I've done. :)

  2. Your decorations look amazing, the tulle was a great touch to fancy up the chairs, and i LOVE the cake!

  3. You should totally go into party planning. You are so creative!!!

  4. What an awesome couple's shower! You did a fantastic job!!!! I love the lime green and black together, so cute!! Love love that cake and those cupcakes, adorable!

  5. Wow!!! So pretty! Well done!

    Im your new follower!



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