Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winner Winner...

Well the time has come to announce the winner of my fabulous Bellatique Giveaway ...

If you have not "Liked" Bellatique on Facebook yet you will for sure want to because their cute Spring stuff is to die for and very very affordable!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered to win!
We had over 350 entries!! 

The Winner of a RealDana Top and Charming Necklace is ... 
(and I swear this was not rigged, so crazy!!!)

One of my favorite bloggers from right here in Lexington KY!!
So crazy!!

Miss Brooke!!

She is so adorable. I love her blog so so much. She has the funniest and cutest stuff over there! Go check out her blog HERE if you're not already! 

Brooke you will look so cute in your RealDana Top :) 

Bellatique will contact you about your winnings:) 

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  1. Are you serious? This just made my ENTIRE day. : )

  2. RIGGED!!! hahah just kidding :)

  3. I've taken some time off blogging. During that time I came upon your blog. I'm obsessed. I adore everything about you!


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  14. Love it! i will have to enter the next giveaway!

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