Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update:)

First thing's first here ... 
can we all acknowledge the fact that I have krept up to 

over the weekend? Woohooo! So excited! 
Thanks to everyone and welcome to all my new followers :) So glad you are here!! 
Weekend Update Time!

We had a busy, packed weekend, that's for sure!

Just call me Picaso ... 
My girlfriends and I had planned on going this weekend to a painting class at Painting with a Twist
 for ...

wait for it ... 

Paint Your Pet Night!!

You know if it involves Frankie I am automatically signed up haha. 

We emailed a picture of our pet earlier in the week and they sketched it on the canvas 
This is the pic I emailed of my sweet angel 

I had so much fun painting!! 

My friends, Kim and Kelly, painting their furbabies also :) 

And look how he turned out .. pretty good for my first time if I do say so myself ;) 

Kind of blurry, but all of us with our masterpieces!

My pics side by side ... 
 And currently it is sitting in the middle of our Dining Room table until I have it framed and hang it up somewhere (or give it to Chris for Valentine's Day if he is extra good this week hahahaha)

SO fun! 
If you have one near you I would def recommend grabbing some girlfriends and going! 
We will for sure be going back another time! 

New Listing
I listed a great house this weekend ... and hired a professional photographer for the first time to take pics of the house and boy oh boy what a difference it made! I will never take pics again  ... my sellers now have an even better advantage over their competition and future sellers have another reason to list with me :)
Check out the pic!

Those are just a few of the pics, but how great did they turn out? Love them! 
Taking more tomorrow for another new listing ;)
If you are looking for a new home in Lexington, KY and want info on the above house click HERE!

 Chris took Ella and Ava to our church's Father/Daughter dance this weekend and they had an awesome time!! I will post pics on that tomorrow because I haven't uploaded them yet, but here is a sneak peak ha 

They are adorable and the girls looked so beautiful! <3 
I am so glad they got to go and celebrate their relationship with their Daddy. 
They say the most important relationship a female will ever has is the one she has with her father as a child. They are lucky to have an amazing father like Chris ;) 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

It's almost Valentine's Day! 
What is everyone doing?

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  1. your picture is amazing! I've painted many pictures at my local drink-n-paint place but I could never make my pet look that good!

  2. Love the picture of Frankie, so cute! I will have to do that for my dog!

  3. I've been dying to go to Painting with a Twist since it opened in Lexington. My painting would suck. Yours is awesome!!!

  4. Professional photos make a HUGE difference!!! And the photoshop that can be done to a sky over the marsh on a rainy day is incredible!!!!

    The girls look so cute!! I love your painting. I want to do one of those painting night things!!


  5. Love that paint your pet! What an adorable idea!

    =) Brooke

  6. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria

  7. paint your pet sounds like SO MUCH FUN! and frankie came out soooo good! love it!

    that house is gorgey, real estate prices in jersey are not fun at all, don't even tell me how much that house costs. LOL

  8. I think you did a great job painting - I want to go sometime! Also the girls look so pretty in their pre-dance pictures :) Hope the professional photos help provide great results!

  9. Oh I forgot to tell you i also have a button now! :P

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