Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well hello there :)

Long time no read/talk/catch up! :( Things have been a little crazy in my world and I miss catching up with everyone's blogs!! I have taken a little break due to working 60 hour weeks, going to NYC for a week, Easter holiday etc etc... but boy do I have LOTS to share!
I don't even know where to start ... maybe I should have put this is outline form lol.
First and most important ... my KY Wildcats are the National Champions in case you've been under a rock for the last couple of weeks ha! Couldn't be happier!!! I knew we would have a great year :) And even more exciting, is that my bracket ended up being amazing... I don't know anyone who had more wins than me :) Just sayin' ha.
Here are some of my favorite pics from the CATS craziness...

My favorite CATS day shirt! How cute are those? Of course I got a white one too... no brainer!

LOL that's just plain funny.

I got Ella & Ava a KC&Go Cats shirt too ;)  We wore them in NYC on the National Championship Game Day!

So cute!!!

We've discussed before how my assistant Emily is ALWAYS around famous people haha so it should come as no surprise that the night the guys got home, she was of course at the same bar they were :)
So jelly of her!
Ok now for the NYC trip down low..
We had SUCH a good time! It went by so quickly ... but it was everything I expected and more!
LOVEDDDD it there!!!!
I took a million pictures of course ;) But here are just a few of them to suffice for now ha.
Our hotel was AMAZING
Hotel Gansevoort on Park Ave.
I would HIGHLY recommend it anyone planning on going to NYC. It was a great location and just so so nice! Well worth it!
1. The rooms were a nice size for NYC hotels... very clean, and they change your bedding and clean your room every day while you're gone :)
2. There were massive purple chandeliers in the lobby ha loved them
3. They had HUGE Houndstooth chairs in the lobby that matched my bedroom window treatments lol
4. There was a Lacoste in our hotel lobby... I'll say no more ha.

 1. We rode the Farris wheel in the Toys R Us in Timesquare :)
2. Times Square was CRAZZZZY ... I can't even explain. But awesome.
3. We went to the ginormous M&M store ... it was really cute.
4. We got our picture taken with Spiderman and Ironman ... Jake has never been more excited in his life ha.

We of course had to go to The American Girl Doll store... it was really cute.. and huge! The girls got "Look Alike" dolls with matching pajamas, etc Too cute.

1. We went to the underground Apple store... it was so cool! And packed like you have never seen anything packed before in your life. Literally you couldn't move.
2. We passed Trump Tower, where I really wanted to go in and ask for Donald and apply for The Apprentice lol ... not a joke.
3. We were SO excited to go to Dylan's Candy Bar ... it was fabulous!
4. Can't you tell by the kids faces how excited they were to be in the largest candy store in the country hahahahaha

The floors were literally glass over top of candy ha

It was 3 levels of nothing but every kind of candy in the entire world!

So fun! :)

We went to the American Natural History Museum ... I wasn't super excited about this beforehand but it was literally the neatest place ever... so huge... we were there half a day and didn't see everything. It was really cool ...

We had more crazy pictures taken than you can imagine ha and let me tell you what, they rip you a new one with those suckers ha... $20 each!! Ridic!
We visited FAO Scharwz and played on the big piano :)

 We also went to the Muppet Maker Workshop inside FAO Scharwz and I think that was the kids favorite part of the entire trip... you design your own muppet on charts and then come back in an hour and they make the puppet exactly how you wanted it. It was pretty cool... they turned out so cute! :)

 The Statue of Liberty was sooo nice!
We had a blast...

We took the ferry across over to see the Statue of Liberty and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day either! It was so nice!

Next we went to the 911 Memorial at Ground Zero in Battery Park ... this was my favorite part of the entire trip I think ...
1. In the preview site and gift shop they had all sorts of memorabilia from 9-11 and it was so surreal. They have a Statue of Liberty that is clothed in pictures and items of people who died on 911 and items that were either found or donated to the memorial. It was awesome.
2. They are rebuilding the twin towers... almost finished... pretty neat.
3. They had one tree that was left standing after 911 on ground zero ... everything else was literally demolished but this one little tree was still there... they have chained down now. But it was neat.
4. Almost everything down there is rebuilt and really nice now! I was really surprised!

We had such a blast!
Can't wait to go back again!
Sorry for the picture overload.. that is about 1/10 of the ones I took ;)
More posts to come this week about Easter etc!
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  1. Of course I am first to comment on your post! haha Your pictures are amazing!! Those babies LOVE you to pieces, you can tell in all your pictures!! SO neat that you were in the big apple during the championship game. Did you see many Kentucky fans?? ALSO. You won one of my giveaways chick!! A personalized Tervis tumbler!!! Let me know what you want on it and I am going to order it when I order mine!!!! I am putting my blog name on it! With the State of Kentucky....I will show you the link where I'm ordering from!! Glad y'all made it home safe! Welcome back!

  2. What an amazing trip!! You have such a beautiful family and it looks like yall had a great time together!


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