Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

Wow this weekend has flown by!

Lots going on ... fun stuff and work ... so it was a good mix :)

Most importantly, I am aunt :) My cousin/sweetest/favorite person in the entire world had her sweet baby boy this weekend and he is ADORABLE!

Henry Graham Hatfield
(will go by Graham, love it!)

How freaking cute is he?
9.5 lbs!!!
And she was TINY ... barely looked pregnant! Could not believe he was such a big boy!
 I wish they lived closer, I can't wait to squeeze his cheeks and kiss his face ha!
(even if he is a Tennessee fan hahahaha jk love you all!)

Next on the baby train ... my friend since high school/does my hair/BarreAmped owner teacher, Leigh Ann, had her baby shower this weekend!

First let's talk about how pretty she is ... talk about a glowing pregnant lady ... so pretty!

Pictures were taken by her friend, Abby Custer, who is an amazing photographer in IN ...
"Like" her Fbook Page HERE

I love her pics! They are awesome!

Sew Jwl did it again with her amazing monogram skills haha ;)

How cute are these burp cloths and gowns I got for Savannah ...

Love everything she makes!
If you are local and not using her for your monogram items you are missing out!!
Visit her Facebook Page and "Like" it HERE

I forgot my camera at her shower :(
But did get a couple cute pics of the candy bar...

Loved all the bedazzled candy jars :) lol

It was a great shower, can't wait for baby Savannah to get here! Congrats Leigh Ann! XO

Soooo Saturday night was my 10 Year High School Reunion...
I really didn't feel old prior to this event, and I still sometimes kind of feel like it was just yesterday when I was roaming the halls of PLD trying to figure out how to leave school early ha
But something about the word "reunion" kind of made me feel old all of the sudden lol

I was still really excited to go and see people and mingle :)

And of course I drug Chris along for moral support, like any good boyfriend should do :)

I wore an Alice & Trixie maxi dress... cute and comfy :)

Emily and I

Miss you Casey!! XO

Me, Megan & Leigh Ann <3

Me, Maggie & Caroline :)  

It was a LOT of fun, more fun than I expected that's for sure! I'm so glad I went. It was good catching up with everyone who I don't get to see all the time due to everyone's crazy busy lives!


Do you watch Bill & Giuliana??

I love them. I think they're so funny and down to earth.

Giuliana found out last October she had breast cancer, and had been trying to have a baby for a while so it was sad that after the diagnosis, she found out she couldn't even try to get pregnant for 2 years!

Well this morning on the TODAY show they announced they are having a baby!
You can read about it HERE

Ok, that's all for today!
Hope you have a fabulous Monday :)
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  1. Such a cute baby shower! I am SO excited for Giuliana and Bill, they seem like such amazing people and totally deserve to have a baby!

  2. OMG! 10 year HS reunion!? Time flies! Mine is next year!

  3. My 10-year was last summer...and I know what you mean, just saying "10 year reunion" inspired old feelings, haha! All your pictures are so pretty! I love love love going to Barre Amped w/Leigh Ann and all her girls...they kick my tail :)


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