Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday News & Easter Basket DIY Tutorial

Today was a complete FUN DAY because ...

The CATS Won!

Our team was amazing... we played so hard and deserved this win without a doubt!

Who was there with open arms to welcome them back to Lexington...

Of course my famous assistant, Emily, who else? LOL 
Emily with Terrance Jones, Darius Miller and Michael KG 

I will not lie, I am a little jealous of her right now ha.. how does she always end up with famous people?
(yes I am calling those 3 "famous"...they will be in the NBA next year so that's famous in my book!)

Look who was so exhausted after the game that he had to take a little nap with his two favorite squirrel toys...

Hahaha <3 him!

Ok next on the agenda :

Am I the last to find out the news about Tori & Dean ??

Pregnant AGAIN with their 4th baby ... when she just had Hattie 5 months ago! 

Did yall know this??

They are crazzzzzy! But I still love them :)
Can't wait for their show to come back on!

A week from now we will be on our way to NYC!!

I am BEYOND excited!


I think I've asked before but since I have new followers ... if anyone has any advice/suggestions on where to eat/shop/visit please comment and let me know! This is my first trip to NYC and I am pumped! We are going to be doing so many fun things! It's the kid's spring break so we will be doing lots of exciting kid things too :)


My Pinterest has been BLOWING UP about these Easter Buckets I made for the kids last year...

and I have had several emails... so wanted to just give a quick run down on how to make them :)

You will need these supplies:

 Silver Tins
 (Hobby Lobby last year)

 Sharpie Paint Pens 
(also Hobby Lobby)

Fingernail Polish Remover, Q-Tips & Paper Towels
(The Fingernail Polish Remover will remove the paint pens on the tin should you mess up, then just wipe it down with a paper towel and start over!)

1. Make sure the tin is clean (no dust. wipe off with wet paper towel)
2. I started with the name FIRST in the center on one side so then you can determine how much room it takes up and what you can do on the sides
3. Next I did the bunny... the white paint pen takes a couple of coats
4. After that the grass at the bottom
5. Next, different colorful eggs
6. Then if you have room you can add little curly q's or whatnot around the tin for decoration

I am NO artist, let me tell you!

So if I can do this, so can you :)

They were a big hit, all the kids in my family loved them! Of course the kids knew I made them, but set them out for the Easter Bunny to fill the night before ;)

Link up with me if you make some, I would love to see them!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
I've got a busy week ahead!

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  1. Those 3 ARE celebs, duh! I am quite jealous of your asst. too! I went to NYC in November and have been a couple times, here are my suggestions:
    Top of the Rock - Rockefeller Center - has amazing views of the city! Ground Zero is up and running to tour, there are 2 big dept stores Century 21 {has a website - check it out} and there was another one called Daphne's that I wanted to go to that looked huge but didn't get a chance to go into but I did go into Century 21 and it has 3 levels of shopping and just SO MUCH stuff to look at - dresses and accessory heaven for cheap cheap cheeeep! Those are all also on Wall Street - alot of places are just right there together so you can kill alot with one stone. If you taxi - because your feet WILL get tired, only get in the legit yellow taxi's you will find those are the ones that have meters and just the plain cars don't and they like to just give you a flat rate {which they give everyone different ones} We rode in a taxi from the airport that was a tahoe and he just gave us a fee {he had no meter} We flew into La Guardia...baggage claim is downstairs and there are ALL kinds of cabbies waiting by the doors {they come inside the airport} and they will ask you if you need a taxi...the minute you step off that plane, you are just NOT IN KENTUCKY anymore haha. Keep your eyes peeled for celebs, one day we saw paparazi following a girl and none of us knew her! haha She was young too, I felt sorry for her she was just trying to walk on the sidewalk and could barely move - they were all around her. I've not eaten anywhere that was just AMAZING other than for breakfast and you HAVE to go there!!!!!!!! It's called Juniors! It's a big big diner and it's really nice on the inside, I swear you feel like you're in a movie kind of in there. You will love!! We ate there twice....amazing breakfast and amazing egg white omelet!!

  2. and Juniors is in the middle of Time Square.

  3. Those baskets are amazing! What a great job you did on them!

  4. So you did free hand the letters, bunny and Easter eggs... I was hoping you were going to reveal the stencils that you used! Lol! Regardless, might just rake a stab at this cutie patootie little project! :)

  5. Girl, where did your assistant get her shirt? I love it.

  6. OMGosh! You guys are going to LOVE NYC! Definitely take the kiddos to time square. There's an ENORMOUS Toys R US there that has a ferris wheel and a Willy Wonka candy store! I haven't been yet, but I've heard nothing but great things about FAO Schwarz. I've also heard that the Sony Wonder Technology Lab (on Madison Ave.) is absolutely amazing. I think the kids would really love it! Dylan's Candy Bar (owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter) on Park Ave is a ton of fun too! Ground Zero is incredible, just make sure you reserve your visitors passes online, As for you and your sweetheart, there are a TON of places ya'll should go. ABC home and carpeting is a little pricey, but has incredible home decor. You have to walk down 5th and see all of the amazing shops! And, of course, there's always Serendipity, Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Broadway shows. If you all have time, you should go to the Red Rooster in Harlem. They have amazing food and a really fun atmosphere, especially for brunch on Sunday's. (Lots of celebrity sightings too! That's where I met Taio Cruz!)You guys are going to have SO much fun! NYC is my favorite city in the entire world!

  7. Those baskets are the cutest! I just went to NYC, it was my daughters first trip so it was all about her... My suggestions would be Top of the Rock to see all the city views (or empire state bldg -i wouldn't go up in both), iceskating at Rockefeller Center, a boat tour to see the Statue of Liberty, Dylan's Candy Bar (Serendipity 3 is right down the street but call ahead for reservations), let the kids dance on the big piano at FAO (also has a huge candy store)(Bergdorf Goodman's is across the street), the M&M store and/or the Hershey store in Times Square and the Toys R Us in TS has a huge ferris wheel, the theatre district is right by TS (we saw Spider-Man and Mary Poppins- my fave of the 2), the 9/11 memorial(Century 21 is next to GZ), Central Park (zoo)(the American Museum of Nat. History is right next to CP -if your kids like dinosaurs... also from the movie Night at the Museum), cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery, Grand Central Terminal, SoHo (or 5th Ave) for shopping (TJMaxx have Fendi,Gucci,etc bags) I wouldn't suggest taking the kids to ChinaTown (just my opinion). Only take metered cabs and if you do a pedicab be aware of the pricing it is $$$! If it's daytime and you have far to go take the subway -my daughter loved it.

  8. I did not know about Tori and Dean! I thought for a minute you were going to say they were splitting up. I love those two- they crack me up!

  9. Dana, I live 45 minutes from NYC! You guys will definitely have fun! Take the kids to the Toys R Us in Times Square - there is a ferris wheel you can ride on the inside and the store is huge. It's fun exploring at any age! Also, check out FAO Schwartz. They have a piano that you can dance on that lights up. Visit Central Park because it's one highlight about NYC. even just grabbing food somewhere and bringing it there. Not sure if you ever saw the movie "Serendipity" but there's a ice cream/sweet shop somewhere in the city where it was filmed and you & your sweetie can go there. Bring lots of energy because it is the city that never sleeps!!

  10. Those Easter buckets are sooo presh!! I'm jelly you're going (or have already gone, maybe?) to's on my agenda for Christmastime this year!!

    I just found your blog & I'm your newest follower! I would love it if you came and checked out my blog sometime, too :)

    I am actually considering starting a career in real estate...I'm currently an accountant, but both my father & grandmother are/were in real estate so may as well give into the family legacy, haha!

    I am still praying about it but looking at classes for the licensing exam right now, but any tips/tricks you could share would be sooo awesome!

    Hope you have a great weekend lady :)


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